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It has become a habit to write down good prescriptions.Although not all effect such as drumstick, there is a square precipitation for more than 40 years, is still used, the effect is so good.In 1976, barefoot Doctor magazine published an article on jiang Dexi’s treatment of hemiplegia with dishuan Powder, which was prepared by jiang Dexi himself. The formula in the article had only three herbs, and the effective rate reached 97.5% after the clinical application of 40 hemiplegia patients in Laiyang County Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital.I wrote the formula in a blue plastic book.1996, colleague says his mother suffers from cerebral thrombosis, can help find a small folk prescription.So I gave him the purifier.Fang zi is composed of 30 grams of earthworm, 1 centipede and 10 grams of angelica.Tell him to bake earthworm and centipede on tile together with angelica dahurica into fine powder, 6 grams each time, twice a day.Then I lost contact with my colleagues.Eight years later, he received a phone call from him one day. He said that after taking the prescription for his mother for three months, his hands and feet became flexible.Now a little stiff, I want to eat for a while, I can’t find the prescription.I was in Beijing at that time, the little Ben was not with me, I only remembered the centipede and earthworm, forgot what the other medicine was, and did not remember the number.A week later, I took the opportunity to go back to my hometown and found the small notebook, copied it again and sent it to my colleagues.This formula has been used by five or six people, and it can be said that all of them are effective, but to different degrees.The effect is also related to the duration of the medication and the disease.In general, this is a good recipe for hemiplegia sequelae recovery, although there is a centipede, also relatively peaceful.Let’s analyze these three drugs.”Materia Medica Notes” : Centipede “xuan, to the wind.Simmering is poisonous.Into the Jue Yin liver meridian, good walking can be scattered.”Hemiplegia is mostly caused by jue Yin wind movement, centipede into jue Yin liver meridian, can search for wind and dredge collars.Yang Shiying “direct to the square” cloud: “centipede toxic, but the ethos of violence can be.Climate is violent, non centipede can cut can catch, also not easy to stop, but your medicine disease quite ear.”The effect of centipede wind quenching was fully affirmed.Earthworm can remove the poison of centipede.You can see the beauty of compatibility.Digilong, Compendium of Materia Medica: “Worms feed on haggard soil and drink yellow water, so they are cold and go down.It can solve all heat diseases because of cold, and it can relieve urine, treat foot diseases and pass the channels and collaterals.””Rihua zi materia medica” : “cure apoplexy, and epilepsy disease.”To match materia Medica: “Salty, cold.Can direct the medicine to the disease.”Modern pharmacological research, earthworm antihypertensive, anticoagulant, antithrombotic effect.”Herbal truth” : “Angelica, temperature force thick, tongqiao line table, for foot Yangming meridian dispelling wind and dispersing dampness of the main medicine.Therefore, it can cure all the head and face diseases of Yangming. The pulse of Yangming originates from the nose and the eyes, so the disease mostly belongs to the head.”Hemiplegia is accompanied by mouth and eye askew, angelica dahurica can treat head and face of various diseases.Three kinds of medicine, the centipede into the liver through the search wind and collaterals, earthworm in the collaterals and can reduce blood pressure, clear heat and control the temperature and dryness of the centipede, complement each other, with synergistic force.Angelica angelica can be in addition to surface hundreds of diseases, and can lead to all medicines.Yangming medicine also, so the treatment of impotence will also be used.The original formula is suitable for hemiplegia caused by cerebrovascular disease.Zhang mou, cerebral hemorrhage, hospitalized for more than half a month, left right hemiplegia, speech is unclear, life can not take care of themselves, high blood pressure, but forget the specific value.Prescription: digilong 150 grams, panax notoginseng 50 grams, centipede 5, angelica 50 grams, powder, take 8 grams each time, 3 times a day, with acupuncture treatment for more than a month, speech improved, can be quite clear, the meaning of expression.Lower limb recovery can walk, only the upper limb is not ideal.The upper oral dose was reduced to 5 grams twice daily for consolidation therapy.Such as cerebral hemorrhage disease convalescence, can add 37 10 grams, hemostasis and blood circulation, no recurrence of bleeding worries;Embolism class plus 10 grams of leech, remove blood stasis and dredge collaterals, accelerate the recovery of lesions;If the blood pressure is high, then reuse dragon 50 grams, the effect of lowering blood pressure.Tongxuan Medical case Yuan, female, 55 years old.He was hospitalized for cerebral thrombosis for one month.After returning home, he could barely walk with five crutches. His left body movement was limited, and he spoke clearly. He was short and fat.Blood pressure 95 — 160.Yu Di Shuan powder: Earthworm 120 grams, centipede 3, angelica 40 grams, powder, 5 grams each time, 3 times a day.Rice soup served.Half a month later, the left half body activity greatly enhanced, another dose, a month later, lost the crutch, can walk along the street with a basket leg.”Jing Yue complete book” also cloud: “every Yin deficiency blood little generation, can’t keep camp tendons, send to pull clonic stiff servant, all is this evidence.”The prevention and treatment of hemiplegia and spasm should run through the whole process of apoplexy.Warm tips: All kinds of prescriptions and prescriptions mentioned in the article are only for the reference of professional TCM professionals, and cannot be used as a prescription. Please do not blindly try drugs. 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