TTG Qingqing is long cheng script or qingrong script?Can Yi Nan soar like Xiao Jue?

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2021 is the year of guangzhou TTG, because this year they entered the finals three times, although the final did not win the championship, but the results of the runner-up is not bad, just a little pity, after all, they are only one foot away from the championship three times!Some time ago, it was the spring transfer period of KPL division. In this transfer period, many famous people broke the news, including KPL commentator Li Jiu and FORMER KPL champion coach Gemini. They told us in their breaking news that “Guangzhou TTG is likely to be reorganized, and the coaching staff and several starters will leave”.However, the final result was that “the starting five of Guangzhou TTG was complete, only lovECD, a member of the coaching staff, left the team, but they introduced Shijiu, Yinan, Promise and the head coach Xiaofeng to try to change”.Before open haven’t got the FMVP, ching ching is KPL division in addition to Fly one of the most famous winger, and his style is very fierce, often pressed rivals out of breath, so his fans called the “tongtian side”, recently very told us in the studio “because the outbreak reasons, so he wouldn’t return to base training,Now he is a substitute wing for Guangzhou TTG, “but don’t worry about being out of touch during this period because he can still train with the second team.In the fall of 2020, Jiu Cheng was suspended for five matches, so he was replaced by the newcomer Xiao Jue, and jiu Cheng began to play as a substitute in Shenzhen DYG for nearly a year.Qingrong script: because of the national policy, so the double FMVP player Qingrong autumn regular season from the early stage of the game, in qingrong adult, SK coach unconditionally believe that he can replace the state of the thousand world, and finally Qingrong proved himself and help Wuhan eStarPro to win the double championship.Do you think qingqing will be the replacement script or qingrong script?Is also south before Beijing WB second team winger, while he was in the autumn of 2021 to represent Beijing WB too fabulously wealthy and played a few games, but the performance is not very bright eye, but against the way players are generally very eat teammate, now he came to guangzhou TTG the KPL conference in one of the best teams, maybe he can “awakening”,If he shines before qingqing returns to the team, he is likely to continue to start.Do you think yi Nan spring competition can soar like Xiao Jue?