“Pillow book” two years have passed, why is donghua emperor still very head?

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After reading the book, I finally understand a truth: without baifeng Jiu’s life, I got baifeng Jiu’s disease.If life can get a person like Donghua Dijun, that can be the most happy thing, no one!Donghua Dijun and Bai Fengjiu are the leading men and women in Pillow Book.The feeling of two people is very rough, all previous experience 2000 years, finally achieved positive result.The love story between Donghua Dijun and Bai Fengjiu makes the audience feel very sweet. Every time they watch the drama, they feel very happy.Baifeng nine had the Donghua emperor, the happiness index of life is straight line rise, people sigh at the love of two people at the same time, but also for donghua Emperor and head.Up to now, has passed two years, why is donghua emperor still very pleasing now?What is the reason for this?First, emperor Donghua’s appearance is very high. Although he is already an old man of 360 thousand years, he looks very young and tall. What woman doesn’t like it?Therefore, for hundreds of thousands of years, there were many female immortals who pursued donghua Emperor, but none of them got the attention of Donghua Emperor.The author thinks, phoenix nine can like donghua emperor so, very important reason is also derived from his ultra high appearance level.Second, the donghua emperor was very capable.As the former co-lord of heaven and earth, Emperor Donghua became a Buddha and a devil with his determination to take the position of co-lord of heaven and earth. It was by his own strength that he was able to do it. He was a doer.The Emperor of Donghua was respected by all gods and had a noble status and supreme status.Capable Donghua Emperor will naturally have their own light, is sparkling.Third, the Emperor of Donghua either does not fall in love, once he does, he cannot stop.Donghua emperor is very deep feeling, to phoenix nine is all kinds of care and all kinds of love.Whether it is to remove the body of nine layers of magic to alanru dream to save the Donghua Emperor, or in the force of the soldiers to break the sword of Nie Chuyin, all the time is for phoenix nine.Not only such, donghua emperor still never have any relation with other woman, ji Heng makes all means also can not get Donghua emperor a trace of pity, not to mention the princess that raises in the side all the time, Donghua Emperor is the type that lets a person rest assured very much.How do you see this differently?Do you like Emperor Donghua?Did you go to the head?