Is it easy to go home for the Spring Festival from Zhejiang when the rain and snow are coming?

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From the morning of January 28th, sleet and snow began to fall in hangzhou city.According to the meteorological department forecast, from January 28 to 30, Zhejiang province from north to south snow weather, some areas in the north of Zhejiang have medium to heavy snow, heavy snow in mountainous areas.Rain and snow coming, Spring Festival travel home is easy?For people in Zhejiang who enjoy the fruits of digital reform, as long as they log in the App of Zhejiang Provincial Office and find the section of “Zhejiang Free Travel” — “Travel with you” of expressway, they can master the details of the opening or closing of expressway toll stations in the whole province.With this information, drivers can adjust their journeys in time to avoid getting stuck in traffic when toll gates close.In order to deal with the snow and ice weather to the test of Spring Festival travel, as the main force of the province’s highway operation and management, Zhejiang Transportation Group activated the emergency mechanism in advance, quickly into the anti-snow and ice protection smooth impending state, to fight the snow and ice weather.”We will pay close attention to meteorological early warning information, increase the grew up bridge deck, downhill to nod, corners, mountain roads, shady roads, tunnel import and export, ramp, such as the key link and node inspections, and through the setting in key sections of 141 sets of bridge pavement temperature measuring system, local meteorological real-time monitoring road conditions.”Jin Chaoyang, general manager of highway management department of Zhejiang Transportation Group, said that the first time after the snow and ice weather, the organization of ice removal, rescue, traffic dredging and other coping work.Traffic group huzhou in zhejiang province expressway management center staff for snow removal equipment debugging is reported that as of January 27, zhejiang traffic group has been set against snow and ice stagnation point 134, 23, and cloth car equipped with blowing snow machines 153 203 vehicles, forklift driving snow, ice and snow resistance emergency rescue personnel 2500 people, the reserves of 5900 tons of snow melt agent forOther forklifts and tools more than 280 vehicles.Return peak and snow and ice bad weather overlay, how to do in the highway safety driving, Zhejiang province traffic group reminds you to do enough homework before going out: 1.Pay close attention to the weather conditions and traffic conditions along the way, arrange travel time and route in advance, try to avoid snow periods and sections.2. When driving on the highway, pay attention to the prompt of the variable information board on the road surface and drive according to the prompt information.3. When driving on ice and snow roads, you should lift clutch slowly and refuel slowly at any time.Stomping on the accelerator will easily lead to sideslip idling, and even the vehicle out of control.4. Remember to widen the safe distance with the vehicle in front, at least 3 times the safe distance with normal driving.5. In case of low visibility, be sure to turn on wide light, fog light, close light, danger alarm light, etc., and signal the distance of the vehicle by honking according to the situation.6. Try to drive in the ruts left by the car in front of you, do not drive by the side of the road, if you detect that the driving wheel skid, should immediately throttle back.7. In case of vehicle failure or accident, open double jump at the first time, park the vehicle in the right emergency lane or emergency parking belt, and place a triangle warning sign 150 meters behind the vehicle, the vehicle personnel quickly evacuate to the safety position outside the guardrail, face the direction of the coming vehicle, call 12122 for alarm.8. In case of a long uphill or downhill road, especially in mountainous areas, such as highway and shady sections prone to icing, slow down as far as possible.The truck should drive in the special climbing lane, and lower the gear, increase the vehicle climbing torque;Downhill as far as possible to use downshift and braking mode for deceleration, to avoid heavy braking caused by vehicle skidding.If vehicles in shangsan Expressway, Hanghui Expressway and other long uphill sections in mountain areas can not go uphill when skidding, please search for snow melt agent placed near the guardrail, and carry out simple road deicing.9. In snow and ice weather, vehicle speed is low, and traffic accidents are easy to cause congestion on the main line. Drivers and passengers should pay attention to the fuel condition of vehicles.In particular, electric vehicles are prone to the phenomenon of insufficient estimated mileage due to the rapid attenuation of power in snow and ice weather.Source: China Youth Daily client