Golden State Knicks put the Lakers up 42 points in one quarter!James scored 6 points and 2 assists, and Westbrook’s eye defense was blown

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On February 5, Beijing time, the NBA began a focal battle, lebron James to return to the front line, 360 combined against the Knicks.With Lebron James back, the lakers’ 360 super trio finally got together, and in their first game back, they were crushed by the Knicks.The Knicks opened with three 3-pointers from Barrett and Fournier, both of which helped the team go on a 9-0 run.The lakers were forced to call an emergency timeout, but after the timeout, the situation on the court was very bad for the lakers.After two turnovers in the opening game, the lakers came back to play poorly, with another layup for an 11-0 lead.It wasn’t until Anthony Davis dunked that the lakers finally broke the deadlock, and James finally made a driving layup, but his shooting was poor.The Knicks scored back-to-back 3-pointers, with Randle and Robinson also combining in the paint. Randle set up Robinson for a dunk, followed by Kemba Walker’s 3-pointer, 19:6, and the lakers trailed by 13.The bottom line is that the lakers’ defense, which missed all five of the team’s early 3-pointers, most of them open, suggests something is very wrong with the lakers.James himself was fouled by Barrett, and though the lakers missed two free throws, it was a sign of the lakers’ defensive weakness in the beginning, as no one was defending.The lakers are aging, and the Knicks are the worst 3-point team, but they’re all sharpshooters against the lakers.Robinson and Randall pass and complete a protester, came up with don’t, the next 6 minutes and 44 seconds, the lakers called timeout, start it only took five minutes, the lakers lost 23 points, which makes people attack a new understanding for the knicks, who also don’t know what they should be so accurate, in the lakers’ defense under the knicks mobile warfare score 9 of 10 shots, three points 5 of 5.After a 23-8 run that led to 15 points, the lakers’ defense got worse and worse, and James got worse and worse before Vogel replaced him with five minutes left with the lakers trailing 12-25.The lead stayed in double digits, lebron James scored two points on 1-of-3 shooting, picked up a foul and a rebound, and the lakers’ superstar was basically a dud.Westbrook was fouled by Barrett for a layup, Canada sniped, James pulled out his thermos and started drinking water, and the knicks took a 31-16 lead after Trevor Ariza hit a 3-pointer, but Randle made two free throws.Barrett was quickly replaced with another 3-pointer and had 17 points in the quarter, making 6 of 7 shots from the field. The lakers were down 18 to 18, and the other team would have scored as many points as you do.The point is coach Vogel can’t call a timeout at this point, because he’s already called two.It wasn’t until the opposite bench, with the lakers’ two superstars on opposite sides of the bench, that James finally made some drives to start scoring.The Knicks led the lakers 42-29 in the first quarter by 13 points. James had six points, two rebounds, two assists and a turnover on 3-of-5 shooting, Russell had nine points and three rebounds, Westbrook had three points, one rebound and two assists, Barrett had 17 points, four rebounds and two assists, and Randle had 12 points, five points and four assists.At the end of the quarter, the commentator said bluntly, “The Lakers turned the Knicks into the Golden State Warriors.”