After the first day of A shares formed strong and weak differentiation of two trends, this week’s decision sharing

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Shanghai Composite Index (1) after the first open market, market trend summed up A share market differentiation is more obvious, while the fierce, while the high open low go.(2) With the cycle category (infrastructure engineering, rare earth industry, STATE Securities steel, China Securities Coal, non-ferrous metals, China Securities Dividend index) and big financial blue chip category (securities companies, banks, insurance, SSE 50) two weighted index led the rise, so this morning’s market index rose well.(3) But some of the market’s other small – and medium-sized themes are not the trend.The gem refers to the majority of subjects out of the high open low situation, such as Chinese liquor, Chinese military, semiconductor technology and so on.(4) For the trend of this week, I still think we should judge according to the expected trend mentioned above. Taking the Shanghai Composite Index as an example, there will be a pressure high near 3466 points.For this month’s move, there is pressure in a box range around 3519.For gem according to the 3085 position of the pressure near the estimate.(5) roughly according to the two positions, when the time comes to make A short-term band strategy, such as A share index this week in 3466 near the resistance if the upward thrust pressure level, do more technical indicators such as quantity can not keep up, then we will choose the pre-festival bottom fishing position, make the corresponding elimination action.Then wait for retracement confirmation, and then return to the approach.(6) After the current time comes to the festival, WHAT I am worried about is that the GEM has not yet started to strengthen, which is A hidden danger of the development of A share market.The trend of the first day of the morning after the festival, to a great extent, the first market to do more confidence has not fully restored, some funds while high open after the festival, in the jump start action.The second is that the market after the festival capital is still limited, can only support A part of the plate rise, some indexes lack of financial support, making A share market can not form A joint general rise process.(7) For some of the current index, can find the opportunity to continue to low suction after the holiday, I think the first to observe the main market changes after the holiday is still not clear, do not recommend blind optimism and pessimism.(8) The reason for not being blindly optimistic is that the trend in the morning of the first day of a-share mainstream indexes failed to form A consistent strength; the reason for not being blindly pessimistic is that at present A-share has experienced nearly 2 months of trend correction before the holiday, and is now at A relatively low stage.(9) To sum up, this year’s market also need to be patient, looking for opportunities after the decline.Don’t be hasty, act too hastily, and do a rational strategy according to the circumstances.2 PM to 2:30 PM each trading day can refer to my end of the long strategy, rational reference to my firm changes in the plan.Pass by, everybody spends 1 minute trouble to leave a speech below the long article of old unit, write a comment.Thank you old friends for your long-term praise and support, I will grow steadily and constantly improve myself.