Zigong Bank of Sichuan province launched a series of grassroots condolence activities for the 2022 Spring Festival

2022-05-05 0 By

The Spring Festival of 2022 is approaching. In order to put the Party’s care into practice, in accordance with the overall plan of “ten thousand Party members and cadres going to the grassroots” of Zigong Municipal Party Committee of Sichuan Province, the needy people in designated villages and Baobao communities will enjoy a warm and peaceful festival from January 21 to 27.Zigong Bank has launched a series of activities for the 2022 Spring Festival.Leaders of Zigong Bank visited designated villages and communities, visited the poor people and sent their families care and sincere New Year wishes.Visits condolences, bank of zigong party secretary zhang deep in conversation with condolence objects, be caring and attentive, listen to their voice, carefully inquired about their family life and health, remind them not to relax the epidemic prevention and control, pay attention to the life in the fire and the Spring Festival travel safety use of electricity, to encourage them to firm the confidence, overcome difficulties, optimistic in the face of life,Believe that life will get better and better.The visiting activity is zigong Banks continue to deepen the party history study education “I does the practical work for the masses” practice, practical and left for the masses to get things done, do good on the action of a specific measures, to fully demonstrate the zigong bank as a local bank, warm-hearted public welfare undertakings, the heart difficult people bear the social responsibility of good corporate culture.Zigong Bank will continue to pay attention to the production and life of the poor people, increase practical efforts, actively solve the difficulties of the masses, and make every effort to boost the social and economic construction of Zigong city.In a series of condolation activities, the leadership team of Zigong Bank also sent the first secretary in the village, municipal model workers, young Party members commandos, struggling workers, retired workers and so on.