Trauma suture don’t want to “leave scar”?Chengdu has 24 hours “beauty suture emergency”!

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Cover news reporter Qiu Tianren can’t walk in the world without getting some flesh wounds.A fall, scrape, cut…Sounds like it hurts!And if unfortunately injured in the face, to the ordinary emergency department to do detrauma suture, thick needle big line often leave scars, but also affect the appearance level and confidence, think of heart plug!But from now on, chengdu people suffered trauma want to “leave no scar” is no longer a dream!Chengdu Bada Medical cosmetic hospital plastic surgery has carried out characteristic beauty suture convenience service, 24 hours to provide skin trauma beauty suture treatment, regardless of day and night, in case of accidents, to Chengdu Bada can be the first time debridement suture, keep beautiful and handsome appearance!Can the wound leave scar?Suture technique is the key!In daily life, in case of sudden trauma, people usually go to the emergency department for debridement and suturing to close the wound.However, the thick needle and large thread used in common surgical suture can easily leave scars like “centipede foot” after healing.This kind of scar not only affects beautiful, later repair is also more troublesome.But if a plastic surgeon had done the debridement and stitched it up, the result could have been very different!They have mastered a technique called “tensioning cosmetic suturing” that can greatly reduce scarring.Say simply, the method that sutures with skin layer namely, cooperate hairdressing special small needle small line, reduce the tension of the skin of the surface after cut sutures, reduce the generation of scar thereby.So say, want to be beautiful, that still want to let professional come!In the case of daily trauma that is not life-threatening, such as cutting injury, contouring injury, laceration, bite, burn, stab wound, car accident injury, etc., cosmetic suture can be selected in the emergency department. Cosmetic suture treatment can be carried out by professional plastic surgeons to reduce the tension of the wound, which can minimize the scar after wound healing.In particular, facial facial wounds, after cosmetic suturing, can avoid direct suturing of pulling tissue caused by organ deformation, avoid the pain and high cost of the second operation.The best time for debridement and suture for trauma is within 6-8 hours after injury. However, due to the rich facial blood supply and strong tissue anti-infection and repair ability, debridement and suture is still feasible within 12 hours, and can even be extended to 24 hours depending on the degree of pollution.Chengdu badachu to open for the convenience of emergency advisory services All year round in order to facilitate more timely medical treatment, patients to repair reengineering and cosmetic double service badachu medical hairdressing hospital of chengdu, AD hoc, 24 hours a line doctor on-the-job, save patients waiting time, when waiting for the number of up to 3 people, will immediately notify the second line to the doctors.They’re here 24/7, all year round.Chengdu Bada follows the following treatment procedures: strict detrauma, trimming and reduction, ultra-reduction of tension and fine suture, cosmetic suture, and auxiliary anti-scar treatment. Through timely and more fine suture, scar hyperplasia can be prevented at an early stage to achieve the dual purpose of wound healing and beauty.Inheriting traditional social services badachu 65 New Year new upgrade eight convenient service measures badachu inheritance fine tradition of social service in 65, the “plastic” international advantage into full play, to the masses demand first, comprehensive upgrade eight convenient service measures, safeguard patients enjoy more standardized, more convenient, safer, more secure the high quality of medical professional services.Skin trauma beauty suture, 24-hour emergency services (2) the whole scene multi-platform medical beauty knowledge of public science popularization service by being broadcast live the whole of it, chengdu badachu video, video badachu science bureau, medical beauty volunteers and the independent IP badachu medical beauty science officer “eight-treasure rice pudding” multiple scenarios such as platform, by a medical professional close above medical beauty knowledge,Only talk about dry goods without goods, to help the masses rationally know beauty, scientific change beauty, healthy enjoy beauty.In order to fully protect the consumer interests of the masses, Chengdu Badachi Office solemnly promises that all the medicines and medical equipment will support the on-site traceability and authenticity through official channels.Injection drugs to ensure a customer a use, scan the code to check the true, false pay ten.Iv. Adhere to the “direct to the doctor, medical assistance coordination, price transparency” medical treatment model through registered face to face to achieve direct to the doctor, 1V1 diagnosis and treatment;At the same time, the operation type and consumables information are open and transparent, to ensure that the masses feel at ease to see a doctor and consume without worry.Five, adhere to high quality medical resources supply, solve the difficult problem of chengdu badachu by conducting “of plastic beauty” to build, we have reached an agreement with the province of several city public hospital cooperation, to make high quality medical resources down to the grassroots, on a regular basis for regional masses solve difficult repair reengineering and cosmetic medical problems.6. Open 7×24 hour service quality Supervision Chengdu Bada Office fully launched the 48-hour feedback mechanism for complaint handling, and earnestly maintained the satisfaction of service experience of the masses.Seven, through special public welfare for the Poor people to reduce the cost of diagnosis and treatment through special public welfare Chengdu Provincial Office of Chengdu Has continued to launch a number of special public welfare assistance activities with the characteristics of medical expertise, to the poor people for free diagnosis and fee reduction, the hospital has been built for three years, the amount of special public welfare love assistance amounted to 2,198,245 yuan.Badachu Plastic Surgery’s brand of light medical beauty — Badachu · Fuling Medical beauty, through the chain layout in Jinjiang District, Longquanyi District and other surrounding outlets, let the community more convenient to enjoy professional medical skin care services.