The aviation technology behind ski jumping

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The Beijing Winter Olympic Games officially opened on February 4. Ski jumping is an extreme sport integrating speed, strength and courage. It is popular among ice and snow lovers around the world for its long jump distance and graceful movements.The wind in nature is the ski jumper’s closest partner in training and competition.”Different ambient winds, different speeds of movement, different body weights and different flight attitudes all produce corresponding changes in the air, which is known as’ aerodynamic characteristics’.””Yuan Li, president of the Aviation Industry Corporation of China aerodynamics Research Institute (AVIC) and China’s ice and snow science consultant, told Science and Technology Daily.Sports aerodynamic wind tunnel research Yuan Li tells a reporter, after more than a year of wind tunnel support training and research in computational fluid dynamics, the airline industry using pneumatic court aviation wind tunnel technology, make China’s ski jumping athletes take the historic breakthrough – men athletes for the first time over 140 meters, female athletes won RACES first place in the international tournament for the first time,Finally, the Chinese ski jumping team got three “tickets” for the Beijing Winter Olympics.Wind tunnel is an artificial way to generate and control airflow, used to simulate the flow of gas around aircraft or entities, is the most commonly used and effective tool for aerodynamic experiments, known as the “pioneer” of aerodynamic technology development.The basic principle can be understood as “objects move, air does not move” in the real movement process, and “air moves, objects do not move” in the wind tunnel, so as to simulate the aerodynamic characteristics generated by the mutual movement between air and objects.Comprehensive sports wind tunnel laboratory “the use of wind tunnel, can get the force in the process of movement, speed, Angle and rotation speed and other parameters, and then can analyze to determine equipment control and the best posture of the body;The flow display technology visualizes the flow characteristics around the test object, making analysis and interpretation more intuitive and convenient.”Aviation industry pneumatic institute technical expert, China ice and snow scientist Wang Chongli said.In 2019, knowing that the platform of athletes in our country have made a special trip to wind tunnel training abroad every year, time cost and the economic cost is extremely high, pneumatic courtyard active joint state general administration of sports, aviation industry using the aircraft aerodynamic principle, cross-border ski jumping project in China, to make the two classes, a total of three sports special wind tunnel, including,The comprehensive sports wind tunnel built in Laiyuan is the largest and most comprehensive sports aerodynamic test facility in the world.China’s National Ski jumping Team Wind Tunnel Aid and Take-off Test Ski jumping and wind tunnel technology collision brilliant sparks.During the wind tunnel training of the national ice and snow Team for more than one year, the scientific and technical personnel of the Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics always accompanied the ice and snow athletes and fully communicated with the national ski jumping team, forming a systematic scientific training program from skiing assistance, takeoff to flight.”In the process of ski jumping, the skis are in the fixed U-shaped piste at high speed, and the foot power state is different, which will lead to the skis will inevitably hit both sides of the piste, resulting in the loss of sliding speed.”Wang Chongli said, through the wind tunnel training, can be in simulation, the relative wind speed through the load platform of the athlete’s feet with precision instrument and different gestures by frictional resistance, to comprehensive evaluation steps of power athletes, jump right Angle, thereby improving slip and jump posture, speed increase.”Lift fly” is an important training in ski jumping.When the wind speed is given in the wind tunnel, the large “fan” starts to operate, and the athletes take off under the traction of the safety rope. The relative airflow in the wind tunnel gradually gives the athletes aerodynamic lift.”The athletes are in a state of the aerodynamic force balance and body gravity, the athletes can make a ski jumping air flight posture, and can be ‘trust’ in the wind tunnel to try to adjust the body posture, to realize the effect on the body balance, enhance athletes to maintain the best attitude to harness the skis flying in the air.”Wang chongli said.Yuan Li said, in addition to the wind tunnel support scientific research training, aviation industry pneumatic court another core technology, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and also for the ski jumping research provides a more efficient way to help, through the body posture 3 d scanning technology to ski jumping team conducted a slip and three-dimensional model of the flight, because it is by means of computer simulation,Therefore, it can obtain the information of athletes’ body flow around the body and the air pressure of each part of the body. Through the analysis of the body flow around the body and the lifting resistance under different poses, it can identify the main factors affecting sports performance, and provide a quantitative reference for the optimization of technical movements of the national team.All photos provided by the Aviation Industry Pneumatic Institute edited by Zhang Qiqi and reviewed by Wang Xiaolong