The announcement of “eight children for girls” in Xuzhou has made it clear

2022-05-05 0 By

Last night, Xuzhou issued a public account on wechat to announce the latest investigation.I did not speak before, because the information on the Internet is very confused, there are a lot of speculation, there are also a lot of rumors, now the truth is almost out of the water, I want to say a few words.First of all, xuzhou local timely investigation and timely release of the attitude is worthy of recognition.The earliest notification from the venture, the xuzhou issue to release the bulletin, the investigation has upgraded, this is quite good, that official concern netizens appeal, through a survey of the Spring Festival, they also attaches great importance to the event itself, it is estimated that there are a lot of human involvement, outbreak risks run several provinces during the feast is little not.Second, some of the rumors have been cleared up: it is not easy to really track down every link in what happened more than 20 years ago.Sending a notice is not writing a composition. Behind every word, every word and every conclusion are a lot of efforts of investigators, which require complete evidence and legal basis. This is completely different from picking up the keyboard and Posting your opinions and speculations on the Internet.Yang is not Li Ying.There was a statement on the Internet that this Yang is Sichuan Li Ying, based on the comparison of photos, now think it may be a good thing to do a bad thing, but also accidentally created a rumor, if the naked eye comparison of photos can be concluded, then what do we need scientific and technological means to do?After all, DNA technology can’t be faked!Yang’s tooth was not knocked out.Some online comments suggested that her teeth had been knocked out, sparking outrage among many netizens.But the official notice said very detailed, Yang mou Xia tooth loss is a serious periodontal disease, the conclusion of the city and county medical experts came to the identification.It is easy to judge whether it is external force or disease, and a dental film can be concluded.I also checked some information about periodontal disease. Severe periodontal disease can also cause premature tooth tissue loss, which is probably related to her usual hygiene habits.All eight children were born to Dong and Yang.Before, some people on the Internet swore that the eight children were not born with the surname Dong and did not know where this conclusion came from. Now, it is most likely an imaginary picture.Is not biological, do a personal identification will not come out.Before the rumor, also do not know where to come of confidence?Third, those who violate the law will be punished by the law.Although there was no positive response to the details of the announcement, it is clear that the authorities have already started an investigation.Legal matters are very complicated, to find out whether there is an illegal or even a crime, we must have a complete closed loop of evidence, not guess, not subjective.But the principle is very simple, that is, take facts as the basis, take the law as the criterion, never doubt, the law shall be prosecuted.I think you should take your time and give the authorities some time to investigate. I believe we will get an explanation.Fourth, officials who do not act will pay for their negligence.In the first paragraph of the official notice, it says that disciplinary and supervisory authorities are investigating the issue of negligence and negligence involved in this case. Although the final list of those to be dealt with has not been announced, I believe that the heads and staff of some departments will pay the price.I also hope that the official can be released in a timely manner, to the society, to the public opinion.Finally, I also suggest that rumormongers should be dealt with according to law.This matter from a year ago to the year after, always non-stop, there is an important reason is the rumor in the rhythm.The network is tolerant, can allow different voices and doubts, but tolerance does not mean indulgence, random rumors, not only deceive the majority of kind-hearted netizens, but also cause a waste of resources, after all, if you want to spread rumors, a mouth, refute rumors will run out of legs.The network world is a legal society, and abiding by the law is the premise.