Ocean Property warm heart service let love warm up!Please check this warm message from the ocean

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All things have a blessing thick ze, things in human honesty to zhen.This winter, cosco Central China West China region has prepared a warm “gift package” for the owners and residents, which integrates love and companionship into winter warmth with high-quality service.Regular warm heart hot drink sent to the owner to wash ginger, cut ginger, boil tea, pour tea, from the morning to prepare materials, boil water to boil tea, one by one packed into the cup, and then one by one distributed……As the temperature drops this winter, the whole project of Sino-Ocean Property in central China and West China regularly offers free warm drinks such as ginger tea and soybean milk to the owners and residents at the entrance and exit of the park.”Hello, the weather is getting cold, I will send you a cup of hot drink to warm you up. You are tired of going out early in the morning and coming back late at night.” Similar greetings are repeated at the entrances and exits of ocean property service parks in Wuhan, Chengdu, Hunan, Zhengzhou and other city clusters, just to let owners and residents feel the warm greetings from ocean service.New Year’s cleaning, the park in action.Recently, all the project property service centers of Chengdu Project Group responded to the patriotic health cleaning activity of “Building healthy homes and Sharing healthy Holidays” carried out by the local health care office, and all the staff participated in the special action of “scavenger” in the park, protecting the park with practical actions and caring for the owners with warm services.In Guiyang Ocean Landscape Project, all the staff of Ocean Property started to carry out environmental cleaning, cleaning up daily garbage and cleaning up sanitary dead spots, focusing on garbage collection and transportation in the park, cleaning of roads and underground garages in the park, cleaning of empty houses, etc., to ensure the safety of environmental hygiene.Kunming Ocean-ocean Qingyun Mansion, Kunming Ocean-ocean Shinkansen, Chengdu Ocean-Ocean Qitang, Chongqing Ocean-Ocean Landscape Fu and other projects carried out the special activities at the same time to clean the park and provide a clean living environment for the majority of owners.Caring action warm home in Zhengzhou Ocean scenery, Zhengzhou Wanhe four seasons and other projects, ocean property service personnel to add cotton covers for door handles, door to elderly owners to send gifts, provide free car repair services for owners, so that owners can warm winter.In the Chengdu Ocean Wanheyueting project, ocean Property Service Center also launched a special “home cleaning” action to provide free car washing service to the owners, which won praise from the owners.A warm gesture, a thoughtful greeting, like family care, is from the ingenuity of the property management staff from the ocean, but also the continuous improvement of the quality of the service of the central and west China region.Ocean property will continue to make efforts to warm up for the winter.