JDG game voice exposure, toothpaste slip forget old teammate?369 “team bully” identity hammer!

2022-05-05 0 By

LPL transfer period exchanged on the single JDG and TES two teams, after playing their respective games before the year, the record trend can be said to be completely opposite.JDG start state but poor in Hope appearance after recovery, while the season before the start of TES is recognized as the odds-on favorites to win the awful record, years ago, a relatively easy schedule only 2-3 received record, in contrast, has been in question JDG setback in opening the case, but is made two wins in recent days will play the record 2 win 2 defeats.Fans and LPL viewers joked that JDG’s players could have a good year after winning the last game of the year.The JDG official is also working fast, using this period of competition material to launch a new program called “Jingjing Happy Way”, which has been edited into the interesting voice of the team members during the competition. The first program has many interesting points of view.One of the more interesting parts of JDG’s new in-team voice program is the toothpaste flub.With JDG going through a big turnover this season, the departure of former teammates has made many of the remaining veterans feel uncomfortable for a while.For example, in the match with FPX, due to the urgent situation on the court, subconsciously toothpaste identified the auxiliary Missing as Lvmao. This series of mis-words inevitably caused fans to joke, “You still can’t forget him.”As can be seen from the voice communication within the team, 369 has been thoroughly integrated into JDG.Although he just joined JDG and it seems that it will take some time for him to adapt to the new environment, 369 became familiar with the players in JDG quickly, and even seemed to be developing towards “team hegemony” when communicating with the team.When talking to the new Hope, 369 is more like a big brother: “You’re so damn damn you are.”Even Hope was speechless, saying, “My ninth brother.”What did the Internet think of it?Share your thoughts in the comments section below.