The Chinese short track speed skating team prepares for the competition with two training sessions in one day

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On February 3rd, the Chinese short track speed skating team came to the competition venue capital Gymnasium at 18:30 according to the training schedule for pre-match training.Wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei, Fan Kexin and other players all appeared, the lineup neat, good condition.There were a few laughs between training sessions and the team atmosphere seemed very relaxed.According to the arrangement, the team already had a training in the training hall ice arena on the noon of 3rd, and the training in the evening was not much different from the previous content.Under the leadership of head coach Jin Shantai and Chinese coaches Fan Hongwen and Feng Kai, the players practiced in an orderly manner.Assistant coach Ahn Hyeon-soo came on the stage successively, and trained with the women’s team and the men’s team respectively. Ren Ziwei and Wu Dajing also coasted smoothly, and each round they would chat and exchange a few words.During the 50-minute training period, the team conducted mixed relay, relay, start and high speed training to prepare for the upcoming race on May 5.On February 5, the first day of short track speed skating will decide the gold medal in the mixed 2000 meters relay, in this new event, China will try to make a difference.In the Chinese team, Wu Dajing and Fan Kexin are veterans of the three dynasties. They also have good performances in the previous Winter Olympics, especially Wu Dajing, who won the gold medal strongly in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and is a strong contender in the men’s 500 meters event.”Prepare for the final fight, believe in yourself, and go for it!”In the previous interview, Wu Dajing said so.Fan Kexin also expects to have no regrets in her third Winter Olympics. She said at the trials that no matter what the opponent is like, she and all of her Teammates in the Chinese team will try their best to come up with the best condition to live up to the motherland and themselves and march forward.Ren ziwei, who made his Olympic debut in Pyeongchang as an alternate, did well, winning the men’s relay silver with Wu Dajing and others.This time to fight the Beijing Winter Olympics, Ren Ziwei more than a composed.”At the last Winter Olympics, people were excited and confused.This time, I felt less excited and nervous, and more like a normal competition.”Ren ziwei said in an interview before that he would cherish the opportunity to compete more, to fight, “stand on the court every round to fight, to fight.That’s what short-track speed skating is all about. You have to do well in each round to have good results.”