Overseas netizens are angry at the US ‘debt trap’

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Beijing, Jan. 28 (Xinhua) –In a series of articles, The International News Agency recently laid out the truth of the so-called “debt trap” frequently hyped by some US politicians.The report uses a lot of data and facts to prove that if there is a so-called “debt trap”, it is the United States that has created the “debt trap”.After the report was published, it not only attracted retweets, onlookers and comments from netizens of various countries and overseas, with nearly 4 million page views and more than 150,000 interactions on the sea media, but also attracted the attention of senior journalists in European countries, who wrote columns and comments for the China News Agency.The United States is the culprit of the “Debt Trap” and the headline of all media of Xinhua News Agency:The United States is the maker of the “debt trap”, “repeatedly in the debt crisis from developing countries” American factors “, impact developing countries debt stability factors “$”, serious damage to the developing countries” American factors “of solvency, with reports of international agencies, expert opinion as argument, to fifty years of post-war history in depth to span the thorough observation,This shows that if there is a so-called “debt trap”, the US is the one who created it.He pointed out that the purpose of the “debt trap” created by the United States is to allow American capital to harvest the high-quality assets of developing countries in turn and block their economic crossing.After the manuscript was sent out, overseas netizens confirmed this group of reports.The multilingual report by Xinhua News Agency let more overseas netizens see the true face and intentions of US financial hegemony, and they appreciated the way it spoke out for developing countries.Overseas netizens have expressed their frustration over the long term us financial hegemony.French Facebook user Rocher Guillaud said the stories about the US harvesting in developing countries were “a sad fact that poverty is a resource available to US banks”.”How many dollars do you want?America can print it for you.””People around the world must wake up to the fact that meddling and looting is what the White House does best,” said Luis Mendieta, a Spanish-speaking web user. “It cannot be allowed anymore.”The US doesn’t care about anything or anyone but itself.Whether republican or Democrat, they have always used their institutions to try to rule other countries and seek their own interests.Some overseas netizens expressed a deeper level of reflection.”How can we get rid of the western colonial capitalist system?” asked Pashal Legari.Some netizens mentioned that in addition to the US debt trap, they hope Xinhua will also write about the “technology trap” of the US.Some netizens said that the US imposed sanctions on ZTE, Huawei and other companies for allegedly using US technologies or US-related technologies such as semiconductors, software and hardware.We should try to avoid falling into similar bad traps.Shortly after the Xinhua News Agency report was published, it was retweeted by the Twitter accounts of Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian, Chinese Embassy in Pakistan Cultural Counselor Zhang Heqing, Chinese Consul General in Belfast Zhang Meifang and Chinese Embassy in India spokesperson Wang Xiaojian.At the same time, the report also attracted the attention of senior journalists in Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America and other regions.The articles were published by major media such as El Mundo Financial, a European newspaper with 70 years of history, El Reason, The fourth largest Spanish newspaper, El Pais of Ecuador, and El Universo of Venezuela.Cesar Alcala, president of Maresmay Digital Magazine in Spain, wrote a special column commenting on the reports, which was published on the website of The Catalan Central Magazine.Cesar Alcala, president of Maresme Digital magazine in Spain, said that the DEBT trap created by the United States is an act of slavery and is the root cause of the high debt of developing countries.After reading the Xinhua story, he said it raised an issue that had long been ignored by the international community.It turns out that the debt agreements the United States makes with other countries through its financial institutions are not a help to those countries in need, but a servitude to them, thus making them not only unable to pay off their debts, but also more economically dependent on the United States.The US does not want indebted countries to get rich because they are only interested in enslaving and subjugating them.Planning: NiSiYi producer: prosecutors at camp victory as a whole: Zhao Hui, Fu Yunwei, yu-shan deng, Xu Haijing, Yang Jun, pianfeng, XinJianQiang, 闫珺 rock reporter: Chen yao, Feng Junwei, Chen Yin, LuoJun, Deng Qian, Liang Junqian, Yu Zhong stability, Zhang Man, Li Linyin, liang-yong editor: zhi-qiang tang, Wang Fengfeng, horse Xiao xinhua international xinhua international communication integration platform product column editor:Gu Wanquan zhang Wu The author: Xinhua News Agency editor: Cao Fei