In 2022, the first government-enterprise “breakfast Meeting” in Zhuzhou will be held to learn from entrepreneurs

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Zhuzhou Daily · Palm Zhuzhou news (reporter/Hu Wenjie) On the morning of February 19, the 2022 Zhuzhou City’s first government-enterprise “breakfast meeting” was held,Tangrenshen Group Co., Ltd, President of contented industry Group Co., Ltd., hunan day chairman Shang Guohua, great Group Co., Ltd., chairman of the board of directors 邓天骥, zhuzhou lian cheng Group holdings Co., Ltd., chairman of Long Hongyan XiaoYongMin, zhuzhou department store Co., Ltd., general manager, liling flag marina glass Co., Ltd., zhao, general manager of six entrepreneurs were invited to come to tiantai kai yuan hotel, had breakfast with Cao Huiquan, Secretary of CPC Municipal Committee, Chen Huiqing, Deputy Secretary of CPC Municipal Committee and Mayor of The city, and chatted about development.City leaders Luo Qiong, Yang Yingjie attended.In a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, in nearly 2 hours, the entrepreneurs talked about industrial development, Zhuzhou advantages, current opportunities, and combined with their own reality, around the enterprise listing, headquarters economy, industry cycle, market confidence, government services and other topics put forward opinions and suggestions, share and exchange experience.Cao Huiquan and Chen Huiqing received all opinions and suggestions according to the list, and required relevant departments to establish a ledger for the problems that need to be solved in coordination, hand them over in time, supervise the implementation and report feedback regularly.”We speak of the results, but also see the problem, the proposal is very real, and are not in their own enterprises to policy, for funds, fully reflects the development of Zhuzhou boxing heart.”Cao Huiquan said that entrepreneurs are an important force to promote economic development. It is because of a large number of entrepreneurs who follow the rules of the market and seize opportunities to speed up development in the industry cycle that Zhuzhou can achieve today’s development results and make people more confident in the future development.We hope to take the breakfast meeting as an opportunity to further strengthen communication and exchanges with entrepreneurs, discuss and solve outstanding problems and key issues one-on-one and face-to-face, and jointly find ways to foster and expand market players and speed up high-quality industrial development.The Municipal party committee and the municipal government are determined and confident to build zhuzhou’s environment better and develop Zhuzhou better.We will improve the cadre ability quality, learn from entrepreneurs, to infrastructure, business environment, such as do not manage mobile resources, attract more talents, capital, technology and other mobile resources in zhuzhou agglomeration, allows businesses to put more time and energy distribution to the market competition and innovation activities, promote zhuzhou high quality development.In January this year, the “Zhuzhou City to promote the High-quality development of private economy of the Ten Opinions” clearly put forward, the establishment of government and enterprise “breakfast meeting” system, by the secretary of the Party committee, the mayor invited representatives of private economy to have breakfast, “face to face” to talk about problems, suggestions.In order to have a good breakfast meeting, the office of the Municipal Leading Group for Non-public Economic Work opened up channels to solicit opinions and suggestions from enterprises online and offline.Participating in this “breakfast meeting” of enterprises are 2021 Sanxiang private enterprises top 100 list and Zhuzhou private enterprises top 50 list listed enterprises.After the breakfast meeting, Cao Huiquan and Chen Huiqing also awarded MEDALS to these enterprises.Zhuzhou held the first government-enterprise “breakfast meeting” Zhuzhou Daily · Zhangshang Zhuzhou news (reporter/Hu Wenjie) “for today’s breakfast, I didn’t eat dinner yesterday.””I thought it was mainly a ‘meeting’, so I took some food to cushion my stomach.”On February 19, the first government-enterprise breakfast meeting was held in zhuhai this year.As soon as they sat down and saw the relaxed atmosphere, the six entrepreneurs relaxed and opened their “chatterbox”.In January this year, the “Zhuzhou City to promote the High-quality development of private economy, ten Opinions” proposed the establishment of government and enterprise “breakfast meeting” system, by the party secretary, mayor invited representatives of private economy to have breakfast, listen to opinions and suggestions.”The more relaxed the better, eating and talking.””Make conversation casual at the table.”The first “breakfast meeting” site, municipal party committee, municipal government leaders cut to the chase, hope that through this way, under the premise of trying not to take too much time for entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs to communicate heart to heart, grasp the real situation, listen to real opinions, better plan Zhuzhou economic development.At the table, it’s a family.There is no need to prepare report materials, and there is no need to worry about the “facial expression” of department heads attending traditional symposiums. Entrepreneurs are also “unrestrained” and speak freely.Xiao Yongmin, chairman of Zhuzhou Liancheng Group Holding Co., LTD., took the lead, suggesting that high attention should be paid to the problem of difficult digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises, and improve the viability of enterprises.Tang Guohua, chairman of Hunan Lantian Group Co., LTD., believes that some of the headquarters in Zhuzhou, business mainly in the field of enterprise publicity, attention is not enough, should pay attention to the economic development of the headquarters in all directions.Tao Ye, president of Tangrenshen Group Co., Ltd, suggested developing more financial instruments to help agricultural enterprises adapt to the industry cycle and achieve leapfrog development.Deng Tianji, chairman of great Group Co., LTD., said that zhuzhou real estate market stable and healthy development space is very large, the key is to stabilize expectations, increase confidence, promote upgrading.Zhao Jun, general manager of Liling Qi Binglass Co., LTD., believes that the pace of transformation and upgrading of traditional energy-consuming enterprises is accelerating, so we should strengthen the identification, guidance and support of enterprises.Long Hongyan, general manager of Zhuzhou Department Store Co., LTD., suggested that we attach great importance to the development of commodity power, gather more resources, and build ten billion core business circle in zhuzhou.Questions come up, ideas resonate, and solutions become clearer in discussion.”Listen to entrepreneurs, learn from entrepreneurs.”The leaders of the municipal party committee and the municipal government found that enterprises ask questions without illicit goods, the questions are very real, for promoting the development of Zhuzhou industry is very inspired, the relevant departments according to the order all received, the establishment of the problem ledger in a timely manner, regularly supervise the implementation of the report feedback.Unconsciously, the “breakfast meeting”, originally scheduled for one hour, lasted for nearly two hours, and we were still satisfied with it. We agreed to further one-on-one and face-to-face thematic communication on specific issues.”One family does not say two words, promote the development of Zhuzhou everyone one heart, duty-bound.””Said one entrepreneur.It is reported that Zhuzhou this year will hold government and enterprise “breakfast meeting” more than 20 times, smooth government and enterprise communication channels, efforts to cultivate and expand the market main body to clear obstacles.