Quick hand first gear competitive reality show “ice and snow team team touch” a successful conclusion

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Whip bullfighter report stimulation challenge explosion program, team PK show the hard work and struggle on ice and snow, fast hands on the scene sugar, hot star power enthusiasm, more winter Olympic champion surprise debut…On the eve of the official opening of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, The first competitive reality show “Ice Team Clash” has come to a perfect end.The program combines variety elements with ice and snow sports, featuring popular stars, famous hosts, sports athletes and fast hands creators. Through three days of ice and snow fighting mixed with laughter and tears, touching and passion, it accompanied the audience to spend a special “Winter Olympics Spring Festival”.High ice recruit parade, quickly old TieYun enjoy ice fun touch the ice team team show a total of three phases, assembled quickly station 28 consisting of four teams, set up the “choose team clouds”, “group ported”, “the ultimate PK” three stages, content covers the joke team games, fun games are small knowledge of popular science, relay ran off, etc.,Lead the national audience to experience the charm of ice and snow sports and the excitement of competitive sports in advance.In addition to the exciting and interesting program setting, ice Team Encounter’s guest lineup is also surprising.The program by Huang Jianxiang, Liu Yan, Hao grain co-hosted, glory heat officer Wang Meng, Lin Update, hard candy girl 303 Chen Zhuoxuan and other guests will be in the program incarnation “snow and ice power officer”, join the war, ignited the scene enthusiasm.In the first program, four captains tried their best to compete for the team members, 28 players try their best to hit the ice and snow barrier.Talent from different fields gathered to compete through fun variety games such as “Answer questions”, “match in black and white” and “points auction”.The second phase of the program through the “distance produces beauty”, “a mountain can accommodate several tigers”, “save the snowman”, “fun curling” and other hilarious team games to grab points and compete for welfare, detonating the heat of the whole audience at the same time, continue to ignite the enthusiasm of ice and snow.It is worth mentioning that in the third phase of the strongest team competition, wang Meng, a famous ice and snow player, joined the team in surprise and pushed the sports atmosphere of Ice and Snow Team to the peak through the relay and the upgrading of the competition track.As the champion of ice and snow, Wang Meng not only participated in the team competition on the spot, but also brought the “Winter Olympics Science popularization Class” to the audience, demonstrating the basic posture and movement essentials of short track speed skating in person, popularizing the relevant knowledge of the competition and passing on the charm of the Winter Olympics sports competition.As a variety show in line with the diverse content ecology of Kuaishou, “Ice and Snow Team Team Touch” not only conveys the spirit of sports fighting, but also shows the ice and snow sports in an interesting form, which has triggered a heated discussion among the audience.Many netizens shared the joy and emotion of the show in the comments section, cheering for China’s ice athletes.”Ice team team touch” the perfect end for the fast hands of the Winter Olympic project to lay the first.As the official broadcaster of The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, Kuaishou will continue to make efforts from multiple dimensions, including events, content and interactive gameplay.Within 12 hours of the opening ceremony, more than 44 million hashtags related to the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics were played on the site. The massive amount of information about the Winter Olympics has attracted wide attention from users.During the Olympics, will quickly through the interview program “hero” snow and ice, homemade games are the ice and snow express, live TV entertainment crossover the festival atmosphere snow season, and a series of games and ice as the theme of user-generated content, produce more high-quality goods contents of ice and snow sports, further enrich the platform games show matrix, panoramic rendering Olympics field inside and outside of every moment.