How to keep healthy after the start of Spring

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The beginning of Spring, “li” means the beginning, the beginning of spring.Spring is a process of the growth of Yin and Yang qi, spring January, spring February, spring March.Spring in March includes the beginning of Spring, rain, Awakening of Insects, vernal equinox, Qingming, Grain Rain six solar terms.Spring corresponds to the East and means growing hair.Spring, spring is the machine of hair.If all the spring air rises, and people do not rise, then people will be sick.People should adjust to the changes of solar terms, which is called living according to the weather.So how to keep healthy in spring?Ancient saying “spring in March, this hair Chen, heaven and earth all born, all things with glory, night lying early, wide step in the court, was slow form, to make chi sheng, born and do not kill, to do not take, appreciation and do not punish, this spring should, the way to keep alive.Against the liver, summer for cold change, less in the elderly.””In spring and March, this is called fachen”, which means that the generative mechanism of spring is to give out what has been accumulated in winter.② “Heaven and earth are born, all things are glorious”, heaven is Yang, earth is Yin.All the qi of Yin and Yang came into being, and everything began to grow.③ “sleep early at night, walk in the court”, go to bed late at night, but not more than midnight (11 o ‘clock), the sun rises, get up earlier.Take a slow walk outside, take a walk, and let the air rise.(4) “be hair slow shape, so that zhisheng”, put your hair down, relax, wear loose clothes, do not bind the vitality.Let the essence of the kidney grow little by little.⑤ “live not to kill, give not to take”, spring all things to grow, not up to any heart.Spring fold a flower, autumn less a fruit.Water the plants, let the children play outside, stay grounded, don’t suppress the growth of things.”Reward without punishment, this spring should be, the way of health”, to reward him, do not punish him, spring should be well, and do not suppress.To sum up is to relax, more contact with nature, with all things to grow, this is the way to spring health.”The inverse is harmful to the liver, summer is cold change, feng elders less”, spring corresponds to the East, the East is wood, corresponding to the human liver.What are people most afraid of, most afraid of liver qi is not comfortable.Modern is really happy, liver qi comfortable not much, most of the life is very depressed.Now that spring has arrived, let yourself relax and let the liver qi rise.If this is not done in spring, it will damage the growth of liver qi.In summer, cold syndrome, heart problems, etc.Because summer is long, summer corresponds to the heart of the people, spring is not good hair, to the summer there is nothing for summer long things.This is cause and effect, the current effect, can be traced back to find the cause.Start of spring, you should play with your family, especially children, to feel the natural growth, relax and let your qi rise.See Qu Limin’s Health Wisdom for more details.