“Flow tune” days are busy for us

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Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, the flow personnel of hexi District Center for Disease Control and Prevention have been working to trace the source of infection, track the movement track and screen the close contacts for the first time, racing against time to ensure that the spread of the virus is known in the shortest time and the spread of the epidemic is controlled.”Hello, this is hexi District Center for Disease Control and Prevention, have you been to the following places these days…”After the outbreak of the epidemic, the telephones of the Flow control Department of hexi District Center for Disease Control and Prevention were ringing one after another, and all the staff were on duty for the “flow control” investigation in three shifts around the clock.”Epidemiological investigation”, short for epidemiological investigation, is an important task in epidemic prevention and control. It provides a basis for drawing a clear chain of transmission, identifying close contacts, taking quarantine measures and delineating disinfection areas.Residents’ travel history and activity track are the focus of “migration”, where they have been, who they have met, and how long they stay. Migration staff find clues through telephone inquiries, identify contacts and sub-contacts, and timely report data to effectively block the spread of the epidemic as soon as possible.The main mode of work for the flow staff is telephone inquiries.”I have no time to eat and drink. I am busy from 8:30 a.m. to 3 or 4 a.m. When I feel really sleepy, I open the folding bed and rest for two or three hours. Then I go back to work.”Hexi District Center for Disease Control and Prevention personnel feng Yijian said.There is a time node for “flow monitoring”. In case of face-to-face flow monitoring, the patient should be on site within 1 hour after the positive test.Basic information, including home address, work unit, family members’ basic information and whether they have been vaccinated against COVID-19, should be provided within 2 hours;Four hours for the core report, which is the track of your journey, all the information from leaving the house in the morning until you get home in the evening;Control of close contact, sub-close contact and the site to which the case arrived within 8 hours;Continue to dig, update the report at any time, and issue a final report 24 hours a day.As the flow of personnel, we know very well, a minute later the virus will continue to spread more likely.Therefore, work faster, ask more carefully, and be patient and attentive in your investigation.”Some of the people who receive the call will be nervous and excited, and may even cry,” said Zhu Guixin, a mediating officer. “We should take care of the other party’s emotions and tell him how risky it is. Don’t be flustered even if it is confirmed to be a close call or a second close call.In order to figure out the movement track of each patient, the flow control personnel need to make detailed inquiries about the flow control object, not only to figure out the travel track of a single case, but also to match the time line of all cases, which is a complete transmission chain.Figure out who is a close contact and who is a sub-close contact;Which areas need containment, which areas need control and so on.After the outbreak, each of them made nearly 100 phone calls every day, from early morning to late night, to make accurate reports on the situation of people involved in the epidemic.”Flow adjustable work the hardest is communication is not smooth, because of the call out display is similar to the number of mobile phone number, so some people he may don’t trust you, he will ask why not first reaction machine, asked why go to centralized quarantine, we will be patient to give him answer, trajectory asked whether still need to focus on the isolation, is for the sake of the safety of the residents.”Cao Mingli said.In this war of epidemic prevention and control, everyone is a participant, and it is the social responsibility of every common people to control the epidemic with the flow of control.Here, we appeal to the public, if you receive a call from the “flow control personnel”, please be more patient, cooperate with the flow control work carefully, and consciously implement the necessary quarantine observation, nucleic acid testing and other prevention and control measures.Reporter: Zhu Min liu Fuyun