Attack of the Giants Final season: As The Ai Guide comes online, Allen guides Gu Lixia to seize the power of the original giants

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Season again to advance the giant will update the time, the words of the plot is Allen and jake wandering about memory, jake attempt in the memory of GuLiXia persuade Alan, let him look at the effects of his father, little imagine, Ellen is the person who hand script, with the deepening of the memory, jake has found Allen’s terror, originally had abandoned their father revenge,But Allen through ferocious giant’s ability, let my father saw the giant broken wall of the scene, so GuLiXia will be the first to grab the giant, and in the final stages of the GuLiXia softhearted, also Allen instructed his father to complete this work, this period can only say that didn’t see the end before very cow, but finish see end, Alan this operation can only say that pit his parents.The theme of this episode is memories, which can be seen as jick begins to really understand his father and the Alan he wants to “save”. As the memories go deeper and deeper, Jick finds out that his father loves them very much, and Alan is not influenced by his father, on the contrary, It is Alan who has been pushing his father’s actions.Alan was always the one who wanted to be “free” (forgive me, after watching the ending, I really couldn’t agree with Alan’s freedom). Alan didn’t need saving, he needed Jick to stop him.First half through GuLiXia memories to break jake have a father in my heart, always thought that his father will al dia answer authority in the first, and Alan and he, all can be ready to sacrifice family, Allen at the moment all the thoughts of al dia answer authority is father instilled in him, but in memory, Allen GuLiXia’s love,He never interfered with Alan’s development, nor did he indoctrinate him. Seeing this, Jake still felt that Alan was influenced by his father.But the recollection, let jake began to be surprised, as early as in the broken wall of a few years ago, the ancestor was discovered GuLiXia giant, but he didn’t go to rob, he can’t do in order to seize power to kill, and he didn’t want to Allen and live a life, they have set GuLiXia give up after, wrote on the wall in the basement of everything,Due to the memory sharing with Alan, Gullixia even saw the future appearance of Jick, here in the advance of the giant’s prediction of the future.Then set about Allen, Allen let jake looked at him and three dai li, he told jake, he had to do this, not because of the father, but because he was a free man, anything he ran to the free way, he will do our best to expel it, he doesn’t need jake salvation, on the contrary,Jake is the one most affected by his father, and jake is now more like trapped under his father’s influence, trying desperately to move in the opposite direction.Really let jake felt a chill is Allen in the next few wave action in GuLiXia plans to take father to force of the giant, when he didn’t too much for Allen yearning for freedom, but when going out, influenced by Alan now, for a small Allen, say the things the basement (in fact, GuLiXia force of the first to grab the giant,It is also the result of Alan sharing the memory, which was encouraged by Alan), and after they arrived at Wang’s house, although Gu Lixia kept telling about the tragedy that would happen in the future, Wang always refused to attack the people outside the wall because of the influence of the no-war agreement.Nonetheless, GuLiXia still can’t do to the child, here he unveiled to advance the giant’s ability, they can share in the future, in other words, before Alan can affect users, let them see your own memory, allowing them to act in accordance with the memory (remember that this ability, Allen in 139 words were poking fun at son), Alan told GuLiXia,This is all about him, so he must seize the power of the originals now.After the story we all know, Gullixia seized the power of the original giant, and got the giant potion, so that Alan inherited the original giant and the attack of the giant, the reason gullixia will be so mad at the end of his life.On the one hand, it was because of the impact of the murder on him, on the other hand, it was because of the desperate memory of Alan that He saw. In the end, Gullixia saw Jake in his memory, and the father and son embraced each other. Gullixia told Jake his guilt and love, and asked him to stop Alan.The battle between him and Alan for the power of the giants is really about to begin.If you like it, you can pay attention to it and click “like” three times to give Bao LAN some new support and motivation. Welcome to discuss the story in the comments section