Amusement park and video game City are key places for epidemic prevention and control during the Spring Festival

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During the Spring Festival holiday, amusement parks and video game parks are important places for many young people and children to enjoy leisure and entertainment. However, the space of amusement parks and video game parks is relatively closed and crowds are easy to gather. Therefore, regular epidemic prevention and control measures should be taken.Liaoning province health supervises the center to remind broad operator and consumer to want to accomplish 8 quasi 8 prohibit.In accordance with the “Business 8 standard”, epidemic prevention materials such as masks, hand sanitizers and disinfectants shall be stocked, emergency work plans shall be formulated, emergency response areas shall be set up, the main responsibilities of units shall be exercised, and health knowledge training shall be strengthened.We will keep a close watch on changes in the epidemic situation and promptly publicize the locations of positive cases.The staff should receive all vaccinations, and those who meet the conditions should receive booster doses.Establish a health monitoring system for staff, register daily, and seek medical treatment in case of suspicious symptoms.All people entering the store should wear masks correctly, and there are special personnel at each entrance to scan code, measure temperature and register.Only those with normal body temperature, health code and travel code can enter;People with abnormal body temperature are advised to seek medical treatment in time.If the health code and itinerary code are abnormal, report it in time.Customers without a smartphone or health code will have to register their identity and 14 major trips.To reasonably control the maximum number of customers within a certain period of time, avoid organizing large-scale activities, to prevent the gathering of people.”1 meter line” should be set up at cash registers and waiting places in the hall to remind customers to keep a safe distance.Customers are advised to control the activity time.Strengthen ventilation.Use natural ventilation as much as possible. If centralized air conditioning is used, it should be operated in accordance with the Health Code for Operation and Management of Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems in Offices and Public Places during COVID-19 (WS 696-2020).Clean and disinfect public facilities (elevators, toilets), public areas (recreation areas, waiting areas) and high-frequency contact surfaces (doorknobs, cash registers, game coins, toys and amusement facilities, storage closets, etc.).Public supplies for customers to use to “one guest for a change (use) a disinfection”.Public toilets should be equipped with hand sanitizer and running water handwashing facilities, and hand sanitizer should be equipped in public areas.”8 prohibit” X does not follow the changes of the epidemic situation and timely publicity of positive patients in the area of business units are not allowed to operate.X Business shall not be allowed without ventilation and disinfection.X Public facilities and equipment, public areas, high frequency contact table cleaning and disinfection are not allowed to operate.X staff with respiratory symptoms are not allowed to work.Staff X who have not completed the third booster vaccination will not be allowed to work.X abnormal body temperature or cough and other related symptoms of consumers are not allowed to enter.Consumers with abnormal X health code and trip code are not allowed to enter.X consumers who do not wear masks are not allowed to enter.Source: Health Liaoning