This is strength!Puyang steel won the provincial manufacturing industry single champion products

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Recently the third batch of hebei province manufacturing industry single champion product list publicity our city Hebei Puyang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. production of wind power tower with steel in what?With what?The reporter came to Puyang Iron and Steel Company and everyone to understand the strength of the steel wind power tower tube is the tower pole of wind power generation, in the wind turbine mainly plays a supporting role, while absorbing the vibration of the unit.Puyang production of wind power tower tube steel is the production of tower rod special steel.Due to the regional environmental differences, wind turbine tower has special requirements for steel quality.For example, in the winter when the lowest temperature is below minus 30 degrees outdoors, the low temperature toughness of steel plate is strict, and the fatigue performance of material should be enhanced, so there are not many enterprises that can produce steel for wind power tower.After preliminary preparation, In 2019, Puyang Iron and Steel began to produce steel for wind power tower.The steel plate used in wind power tower is required to ensure that the special grade flaw detection is qualified, and the surface has no defect.Such stringent surface and internal quality requirements are very difficult to achieve in the production of low alloy steel plates.At the beginning of the production of steel for wind power tower, Puyang Iron and Steel repeatedly invited experts to study and discuss, only the production test cost more than 5 million yuan, and finally produced qualified steel for wind power tower.To be proud of, only the experimental part of the equipment and process transformation, Puyang Iron and Steel on the application of invention patents 1 (substantial review stage), utility model patents 3.In 2020, the output of steel for wind power tower tubes produced by Puyang Iron and Steel increased significantly, and it has supplied more than 60,000 tons of steel for sengshengshan, Abaga, Sheziyuan and other projects of State Power Investment Corporation.The annual output of steel used in wind power tower reached 86,000 tons, and the accumulated supply exceeded 100,000 tons in two years.In December of the same year, Hebei Puyang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. successfully applied for “Hebei High Toughness Wind tower Steel Engineering Research Center”, which became the only steel development platform for wind tower tubes in Hebei Province.So far, PuYang steel r&d spending on wind power tower drum steel has reached more than 4000 ten thousand yuan, has to declare 1 invention patents, utility model patent, 9 items, published journal articles 5 at or above the provincial level, increase the sales of 812 million yuan of above, create benefits for the enterprise of 120 million yuan, both in production and quality in the domestic leading level.In the future, Puyang Iron and Steel will continue to increase the investment in research and development of steel for wind power tower cylinder, and do a good job with steel for wind power tower cylinder.It is reported that Puyang iron and steel as a scientific and technological innovation to lead the industry high-quality development of modern iron and steel enterprises, seize the opportunity of The Times, actively transformation and upgrading, optimize the product structure, improve product quality.In recent years, on the basis of abundant equipment, the enterprise attaches importance to environmental protection and talents, providing reliable technical support and talent guarantee for the research and development of high-end products.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: