“Return home” social practice | to listen to us in the practice of the south bank of the story (a)

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Students to return home, practice studies in 2022 college students winter vacation “return home” social practice has passed half, south tuan tuan has 31 students match to include government, public service, epidemic prevention and control, enterprise practice 4 types of practice, aims to provide training for college students volunteer growth opportunities of service home and let them fully awareness, changes in his hometownContribute youth strength for hometown.”– and now, let us hear the story of their practice on the South Bank.”Li River College of Guangxi Normal University “Students return home, practice and cultivate new people”, through the “return home” social practice activity, put their college majors into practice, through the practice of the heart to ease a trace of anxiety.What impressed me deeply or unforgettable in my life was the four-day winter camp of Chongqing Hongyan Research Institute. As a volunteer teaching assistant, it was an attempt and a breakthrough.Kill the script into the historical and cultural studies tourism activities is one of the biggest harvest of this time as a volunteer, looking at smaller than his brothers and sisters the longing for truth, for clues of digging, I know that studies tourism ushered in the new era, we need to do is break the traditional way of studies tourism activities to achieve breakthrough and innovation,In the future, “tourists” will face a huge test, but “telling good red stories and inheriting red genes” is a life compulsory subject for contemporary young college students.Nanan District Education Committee Ning Lianghong Chongqing Jiaotong University internship in the city organs is a rare social practice experience for every college student, broaden their horizons, but also increase their knowledge.This winter vacation, I signed up to participate in the 2022 Social practice activity of winter vacation college students returning home in Nanan District of Chongqing, and was assigned to practice in the Health Care Institute of Nanan District Education Committee.Unconsciously, I have been practicing for a month. During the internship, the teachers in the office taught me a lot of basic office knowledge, and also followed the teachers to inspect the basic equipment construction of the school, the reserve of epidemic materials and the emergency drills of primary and secondary schools in the face of the epidemic.At the same time, I also answered questions in the office from parents who did not know about the epidemic policy documents. After this internship, I have a more practical plan and goal for my future life and work. Many jobs are not so easy, and I still have a lot to learn in the days to come.Tang Yuexin Social Security Institute of The People’s Government of Tushan Town Chongqing Institute of Engineering During my stay in the Social Security Institute of Tushan Town, I was excited by the brand new work experience I was constantly exposed to. At the same time, I also deeply felt my lack of social experience and the lack of a good combination of theory and practice.However, under the careful guidance of the department leaders and colleagues, I entered the working state within a short period of time. If there is anything that I have gained from this internship, besides enhancing my social practice experience and enriching my professional knowledge, it is also a great harvest to enhance my confidence.The experience and knowledge learned during this period of time are much more lively, vivid and real than the ideas in books.The youth is duty-bound, the youth is in charge.Today’s Chinese youth, still in the hot blood, breaking new road, innovation, with the people’s wind and rain, write a new chapter for the motherland.They are just the epitome of young people with dreams and fighting spirit. We also hope that more young people will actively participate in the construction of their hometown and contribute to the development of south Bank.Next, TuanOuWei will continue to further implement the general secretary’s important thoughts on youth work, xi organizations help consolidate college students out of poverty crucial achievement, active in the country revitalization strategy, help college students improve social skills, build out of the university students to contact home league organization institutionalized channels, optimize talent link service, provides an opportunity to exercise practice,Looking forward to your participation!End review | Liao Qian proofreading editing | | childhood China Hu Yixuan finally received a warm remind the communist youth league of online login to check the relationship between personal information and transfer basis for society to connect!Interesting | western style pose practical | | I’m group holdings after I put my ~ ~ forwarding is an attitude