Innocent?James Harden ‘ran’ after 76ers Lost by 50 points

2022-05-02 0 By

“Harden took the flag of the Celtics”, Harden fans’ bold words were criticized in the face, the Celtics beat the 76ers by 50 points “Harden east tour”, “Harden the Great combination of five consecutive titles”, “Nets three, the league finale”, Harden has become everyone’s call to beat the street mouse, some of his fans should be responsible for.The comments of extreme Harden fans are really giving Harden a black eye.The Philadelphia 76ers got as close as 51 points in their 115-87 loss to the Boston Celtics today.The point difference doesn’t tell the difference, but it does, and there’s no doubt the Celtics are better than the sixers.Even with Harden, it’s hard to erase that many points.In addition, the result confirmed a point I made a few days ago – Embiid is not a consistent scorer.The American media also took advantage of the 76ers’ defeat.After the game, some media posted harden wearing a Celtics jersey, with Tatum, Brown to form a trio of pictures, implying harden crazy run for the championship.It seems that the name “ha-ha-run” is well established among American sports writers.However, a few days ago, some Harden fans posted on a basketball forum that “Take the Boston flag when The date of Harden’s return is set,” even before the game, as if the Celtics have become the 76ers’ meat.In fact, at the time, there was no confirmation of harden’s return date, only reporters speculated that Harden’s sixers debut against the Boston Celtics, harden fans took out of context, said harden must play against the Boston Celtics, which was a mistake.Even if Harden does return, the Sixers are not sure to win with the Celtics’ recent form, and some Harden fans are not wise to believe that the 76ers will crush the Celtics.Of course, none of this has had any effect on Harden’s life.But there’s a saying on the Internet, “Fan behavior, idol pays.” When they flatter Harden, it inevitably leads to resentment from other fans, and this resentment comes from the “Harden” that the fans advertise in their filters. So the fans are turning on Harden and fighting back.So much so that every time Harden pulls a crotch, screenshots of fans praising him are mocked.Let’s just say harden fans deserve the black eye they’re getting right now.Furthermore, any so-called “basketball love beans” attract a lot of black fans, mainly because the fans’ comments are too “offensive”.Finally, I hope that all fans can pay more attention to basketball itself and basketball stars, and do not bring the atmosphere of rice circle to the fans.Image source network, delete