Ningde Times: 80,000-120,000 cars the solution is to change electricity, planning to promote low-cost ternary batteries

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Source: Beijing News Original headline: Ningde Times:Beijing News Shell Finance News (reporter Wang Linlin) February 16, Beijing News Shell Finance reporter learned from ningde Times official,On February 14, Ningde Times accepted the research of more than 50 investors, including Hillhouse Capital, Hongshang Capital, Tencent Capital, Temasek, Sequoia Capital, Fidelity, Warburg Pincus, COSCO Shipping, KKR, GIC, Capital Group and so on.In the investor survey, Ningde times revealed that by the end of last year, it has accumulated 10 production bases. At the same time, Ningde Times plans to launch a new product, M3P, which is not lithium ferromanganese phosphate, but also contains other metal elements, known as the ternary phosphate system, with a lower cost than ternary.Ningde times said that the replacement of electrification is difficult for models in the price range of 80,000 to 120,000 yuan. Matching corresponding models with chocolate battery switching products can make the first purchase cost of new energy vehicles (excluding batteries) lower than that of fuel vehicles, and the speed of switching is equal to that of fuel vehicles, thus solving the problem of cost performance;Although the cost of the new product is low, it still occupies a certain cost of new energy vehicles, so it believes that the ultimate solution for models in the range of 80,000 to 120,000 yuan is chocolate power exchange.At present, because the lithium shortage is difficult to solve in the short term, leading to the rise in raw material prices, Ningde times frankly, lithium carbonate and other raw materials after the rise in the short-term cost has a certain impact, can be hedge through a variety of ways, copper, aluminum can greatly reduce the use of new technology.In view of the distribution of upstream lithium resources, Ningde times said that in addition to the previous overseas investment cooperation, in Yichun and other places to invest in lithium resources, their own mining lithium;In terms of recovery, lithium recovery has exceeded 90%, and lithium recovery has played a role in ensuring supply.In terms of battery recycling, Ningde times analysis said that the reason why terpolymer recovery maturity is higher than lithium iron phosphate recovery is that nickel and cobalt metal prices are high, but recently due to the price of lithium iron phosphate, lithium iron phosphate recovery heat is also significantly improved;And further said that it has at the same time ternary and iron lithium waste battery annual recycling processing technology and capacity, capacity will continue to expand in the future, in addition to the positive electrode, but also layout of graphite and electrolyte recovery.Ningde times said that some of the chips in BMS are from the United States and that they are also being made locally.As for the us plant, Ningde Times said that it has discussed with us customers various possible supply and cooperation schemes, as well as the possibility of local production, but the specific situation needs to consider the impact of worker training, efficiency, labor union and other factors on quality and cost.Beijing News Shell finance reporter Wang Linlin