Lead Mountain: 11 projects will be launched with a total investment of 4.372 billion yuan

2022-05-01 0 By

In the morning of February 16, yanshan County 2022 three level linkage promotion major projects and “project battle” mobilization meeting was held in the county industrial park Jiangxi Chishuo Technology Co., LTD. High-precision printed circuit board and material construction project site.The projects under construction this time include Yanshan County Shijiang Avenue, Huanggangshan Avenue and Outer Ring Road Comprehensive transformation and upgrading Project (phase II);Yanshan County Yehu Avenue (Fenglai Bridge – Qinghu Bridge section) comprehensive transformation and upgrading project;Jiangxi Chishuo Technology Co., LTD. High precision printed circuit board and material construction project;Shangrao City He Xin New material Co., Ltd. annual output of 150,000 tons of copper deep processing construction projects and 11, a total investment of 4.372 billion yuan, the annual plan to complete investment of 2.747 billion yuan, Yanshan County Party committee deputy secretary, county head Wei Xiaogang said, to firmly establish the “project for the king” concept.The projects will cover infrastructure, industrial development, people’s livelihood and ecological and environmental protection.The county should always adhere to the “all around the project, all focus on the project dry”, set off a major project construction boom.(Zhu Zhishuai, Lin Chengpeng Jiangxi News Network reporter Huang Sinong/article)