A family has been waiting for 20 years to celebrate the Spring Festival

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On January 30, in yaowan street, Yuhu District, qi Dan, the wife of the army, and her parents prepared the Spring Festival goods early, and pasted the festive Chinese character “fu” and Spring Festival couplets on the door to welcome the coming New Year’s Eve.”His father made Xiangxiang egg rolls yesterday. It’s his favorite dish.”Qi Dan smiled and told us that huang Chengang, his nine-year-old son, was excitedly counting the days until the Spring Festival when he heard his father would be at home.The “him” in this story is Huang Geng, a demobilized soldier who has not returned home for the Spring Festival for many years.In 2003, Huang was assigned to guangxi garrison for eight years and twice won the third-class merit award.During this period, he met his wife, Zidan, and the two began a “long-distance relationship” 700 kilometers away.”Every year before the New Year, I would take a train from Xiangtan to Guangxi to celebrate the New Year with him, with preserved meat, egg rolls and other New Year goods, so that he and his brothers in the camp could taste xiangtan’s home-cooked food.”Speaking of the hardships, Zidan’s eyes turned red.Qi Dan can accompany Huang Geng, but their parents are not convenient to travel, so Huang can only call them every Spring Festival.Huang Geng did not go home for the Spring Festival for 8 years. His parents miss him very much, but give him the utmost understanding and support unconditionally.”From the moment he entered the military academy, he became a man of his country.”The old man’s words were very simple.In 2011, Huang was transferred to Nanyue District, Hengyang City, and the family became closer and closer.However, due to the large number of tourists, Huang still has to lead the militia to maintain stability and security before returning home to be with his family after the third year.In 2018, Qi Dan simply took both parents and children to hengyang to accompany him.”There is a country to have a home, since he was chosen, that must support him.”On this point, Zidan was adamant.In 2019, Huang was transferred from active service to civilian service and returned to the Yuhu District Armed Forces Department. He stayed at his post for two More Spring Festivals. This year, his family of seven could finally celebrate the Reunion at home.”Usually when he comes back, we cook a big table. This Spring Festival, he will have a feast of the Whole Man and Han dynasty.”Zidan was grinning from ear to ear.For the rare reunion, Huang Geng is happy, but also has his own insistence.He said, as long as the party and the country need, will be the first to arrive.>>Return to Xiangtan online home page