The lives of those “crazy women.

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I don’t know how many crazy women there are in China.Xuzhou Fengxian, the woman judged as “crazy woman”, reminds me of my third and fourth aunt.To be honest, I don’t remember them very much.Before I was born, they had already left Sichuan for Henan and Anhui.Yes, from Sichuan to other provinces, just like the “crazy woman” from Sichuan to Xuzhou Fengxian.But aunt Four was sure to be sold.It was her grandmother’s sister’s daughter and son who sold her, namely four aunts’ Cousins and Cousins.She took her fourth aunt to Anhui under the pretext of introducing her to a job and then sold her to a man in a local village.Later, I saw in the news that many abducted women were sold by their relatives in the same way: they were taken out in the name of introducing jobs. In fact, they had already been contacted to sell them to rural men without wives in other provinces.My grandmother’s sister and her children had become evil figures in my mind.They lived some distance from my old home, and every time I passed that place, a small hill shaded by bamboo trees, I felt strange and resentful, as if it were gray and evil and sinister.I have never seen them. They are said to have settled in the provinces and never come back.They were never punished for their crimes.The story of qi 11 01 Aunt, like all abducted women, is a long history of blood and tears.She was sold to a village in Anhui, a small town on the border with Henan, around 1978.After being sold, Fourth Aunt experienced torture.Locked up, beaten, they must have done everything they could to get her to give in until she had the baby.Again, not just one.Her eldest daughter later told my mother what happened to Aunt Four: When she was working in the fields in the hot sun, aunt Four bought a straw hat. When the man saw her, he beat her up and thought that Aunt Four was wasting money.When eating, if the salt in the dish was a little too much for his taste, he would throw the rice bowl on the ground and beat it up again…The eldest daughter of my fourth aunt, she was filled with sympathy for her mother.So later, when Aunt Four was with an uncle from the same village, she gave her support.The uncle was the man’s cousin, one of the few educated men in the village.At first, he sympathized with his fourth aunt and helped her in secret.As the time is long, each other feeling, they will think of ways to escape together, went to the chongqing where my second aunt is, opened a noodle restaurant, from now on live together.I had seen my uncle, and though he was young and faint, I still had his image in my mind: a chubby figure, a round face, a gentle smile on his face, and a soft, gentle voice.The fourth aunt went through the rest of her life with him until she died.When the fourth aunt died, she had gone to live in a city in Hebei province with her eldest daughter.Life is still smooth and calm, she and the uncle to help with the grandson, morning and night to do gymnastics, dance, exercise.Is in one morning, four aunt do morning exercise when suddenly fainted.When she woke up, she went on with her exercises without paying much attention.He fainted again and never woke up.Cause of death was hypertension.Born in 1957, she died before she turned 60.She went through life like this.The first half was a tragedy, but the second half was a blessing.I have loved ones by my side and children who understand and support me. I have food and clothes to eat and live freely.But, but none of this can erase the change of fate that happened to her when she was 21 years old, the evil that the world had done to her, the pain, the trauma, the darkness, the sadness…And every crime committed against her is a crime committed against all women.For every one who does evil sees them not as human beings, but as tools, as objects.And such crimes are still happening today.02 Now let’s talk about three aunts.Three aunt is four aunt introduced to the junction, that is not to sell, but four aunt looked at the man is very good, with the consent of three aunt, will take her to marry the man.Third aunt in sichuan home had been stimulated, sometimes “mad”.When she married in Henan, on the border with Anhui, she was indeed well treated.My mother visited Aunt SAN for the last two years of her paralysis. She watched the kind, honest man who went about his business every day, taking care of Aunt SAN, scrubbing her, carrying her in and out, cooking and feeding her.They have two girls and a son, and in photos and videos, they look gentle, kind and beautiful.But aunt 3 would still “go crazy” if she was stimulated.Like one year, she and her fourth aunt came back to visit, and my mother, their fifth sister, knitted sweaters for them.On the train back home, my aunt lost her sweater, and she lost her temper. She quarreled and cried, saying over and over, “That’s a sweater my fifth brother knitted for me.””If I had known, I would have knitted her two.”Years later, my mother still speaks sadly.When her mother went to Henan to visit her, she was so happy in her hospital bed that she couldn’t hide her smile.At night, she would sit up and sing happily, “The golden hill of Beijing shines everywhere…”I imagined the scene as if I were seeing childlike innocence and joy.No matter my third aunt is crazy or not, I still think she is lovely and cheerful as she sings and preserves the most authentic things in people.More than a year after my fourth aunt died, my third aunt died at the age of 66.I still can’t get the exact cause of her madness.But heard vaguely, with her first marriage in Sichuan.And that’s not a good marriage.My mother’s family is full of tragedy.And that probably has a lot to do with the fact that my grandfather died young and my grandmother gave birth to a bunch of girls.Families with more women are vulnerable and bullied.Three aunts are stimulated and “mad”, four aunts were abducted, can not say related to this.Let’s get back to the current news.Seeing the photos and videos of the so-called “crazy woman” in Xuzhou Fengxian County, it is impossible for any individual not to feel sad and angry.She cut like a knife to the heart.How her eight children came to be and how her teeth were pulled out one by one is probably a horror story.It is impossible not to be sad to think that this is the plight of women in 21st-century China.▲ A mother of eight children in Fengxian county, Xuzhou, photographed by a netizen, wears single clothes in winter, wears a dog leash around her neck, and eats steamed bread and leftovers.Is this really any way to treat people?So far, fengxian woman’s story has not come to fruition.The public opinion is still fermenting. What women see in her is not only the sadness of a person, but the sadness of a woman and the inescapable evil around her.It’s so easy, isn’t it?Women live in this world, a little attention to fall into the pit.There have been many stories of girls who have almost been trafficked, and they are all urban educated girls.▲ Douban users tell their own experiences.It was a long time ago, she said, before Xiangfan was renamed Xiangyang.Another douban user also recounted his experience of being nearly abducted in downtown Hangzhou: when I was in first grade in primary school, I liked to buy breakfast at a potstickers stand near my home.Once while I was waiting in line, a man pulled me and said in a hurry, “Why are you still here?Your parents have been looking for you. Come with me. Something’s wrong at home.”I almost did, but I remembered asking, “Who are you?What’s my father’s name?”The man said a god-knows-what name, and when I said no, he moaned and moaned that he might be mistaken for someone else. The other aunts and uncles in the group looked at him, and he left.It was a busy breakfast shop in the center of Hangzhou, and I still remembered that the man spoke the Hangzhou dialect.Watching the news these days, thinking of my own affairs, and finding the photos at that time, the fate of the little girl almost completely changed, I am the lucky one, just a fluke.Men may never understand how women feel when they read about human trafficking. We are all in a community of shared destiny. We are all possible victims.Women have the deepest fear of being abducted and raped, yet you see a well-known male writer in China who has defended the legitimacy of abducting and selling women.At that moment, you are absolutely dumbfounded and unbelievable.People expect to see basic justice done and women treated well.But this time, will we wait for the results?Enthusiastic netizens with a view of simple justice have been in action.As women, we support the victims by paying attention and raising our voices.▲ By comparing the photos, netizens found that the mother of Child 8 in Fengxian county was very similar to li Ying, a girl who was lost in Nanchong, Sichuan Province. Therefore, they took spontaneous action to find Li Ying, and also to find the possible identity and belonging of Mother Fengxian.* More Women’s Stories * See the Power of Women, See a Different life author | Qi 11 Xiaohongshu douban | Qi 11;Riesling Cooperation wechat | Elven2100