Qidi Qingyuan won the bidding of CITIC Qinghai Salt Lake 20,000 tons/year battery-grade lithium carbonate capacity construction project

2022-04-30 0 By

Recently, in the bidding project of CITIC Heavy Machinery Co., LTD., Qitqingyuan stood out from many powerful bidders with its strong technical strength, rich project experience, high-quality service and solutions, and successfully won the bid for citic Qinghai Salt Lake 20,000 tons/year battery grade lithium carbonate capacity construction project.In this regard, Qitqingyuan issued official information to citic Heavy Machinery, Qinghai CITIC Guoan Lithium industry trust and trust expressed gratitude, believe that this has become the company to continue to carry out technological innovation of one of the power sources.At the same time, qingyuan also to partners for a long time strong support and close cooperation to thank you, to Enlighten holding and other superior units have been the guidance and care to express gratitude, and said that qingyuan will live up to the expectations of the people, as the encouragement, continue to strive to forge ahead, and create new achievements.Qidi Qingyuan, as a high-tech enterprise affiliated to Qidi Holdings, has been actively implementing the technology innovation-driven development strategy, and continues to provide users with the highest resource utilization rate, the lowest cost of production, and the best product quality comprehensive utilization solutions for salt lake lithium extraction.