Nadal wins 21 titles, the best competition in history is arithmetic again!

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With nadal on top at Melbourne Park last night (Beijing time), he beat Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer to become the first grand Slam winner in men’s tennis history with 21 titles.The three went from a 20-18-16 arithmetic progression to a 20-20-20 equilibrium in just four years.Now Nadal has come out on top and tipped the balance again.Let’s take a look at the current list of men’s and women’s Grand Slam winners in tennis history.1. Margret-court 24 the old god continues to seek defeat, but her 24th title is not safe, although Serena has been difficult to break her record, but Nadal and Djokovic are two eyes, in today’s tennis world, they still have full competitiveness.Serena had won four in a row the previous two years, and she had lost her best chance to catch Court.Of course, there is still a theoretical possibility that she could draw level, but it would need to be in the right place at the right time.Even so, Williams could be in a position to hold the next one firmly.Steffi Graf’s record has been broken since Serena Williams came into the world, but one is destined to be hers alone: the Annual Golden Slam.Many players would never catch up to her in their lifetimes, let alone achieve this feat.From 20 to 21, what kind of tortuous road did Nadal take?Repeated setbacks at the Australian Open, defeat at the French Open by his old rival Novak Djokovic, injuries, COVID-19 infection…Can not help but let us think of that sentence: so the day will fall great responsibility to si people also, must first suffer their mind, labor their muscles and bones, hungry its body skin, empty of its body……Achieving 21 titles in his own sad Australian Open, not the Back garden of the French Open, which makes people have more expectations for Nadal…Emotionally, of course, we’d love to see Roger Federer back again and win a Grand Slam title.But reason tells us that the Swiss king can play healthy, probably a blessing, we should not expect too much.Djokovic is now a strong contender in all four Grand Slams, and it won’t be too difficult for him to add more grand Slam titles in the future.He just needs to focus more on the game itself, but a series of off-court events has put him at a disadvantage in the best competition of all time.Will this arithmetic progression still change?Will the list change?How soon do you think it will be broken?(Source: The Home of Tennis by Luo Cheng Seven ye)