Beijing Winter Paralympic Games | from the operating table to the Olympic Games, he will be time to deliver the situation

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Xinhua News Agency Chongli, Hebei, March 14 (reporter Yang Fan)After the conclusion of the Paralympic snowboarding competition in Beijing, genting Ski Park was finally quiet after a busy winter. Doctor Li Yan of the ski rescue team was immersed in that state.He and his teammates packed up their personal belongings at the FOP (competition area) medical station and boarded a shuttle down the hill to leave.In March 2022, Li Yan accompanied the team in the sloped-slalom track of the Winter Paralympic Games. Li Yan was an attending stomatologist and worked in the Third Hospital of Hebei Medical University.Because of the Olympics, the 32-year-old left the operating table for a short time and came to chongli to serve the Winter Olympics and paralympics.It all started in the winter of 2018.”I like playing basketball and soccer. Before I started skiing, I only went to the ski resort once with my family.At the end of 2018, the hospital received a notice to select staff to participate in skiing training for the Winter Olympics.”Li yan said.Assigned by the hospital, Li yan led a team of 12 doctors to attend the training.In early 2019, eight of them who passed the assessment attended the second phase of training.To Li’s delight, he and his colleague Dr. Yan Jincheng were selected for the dream team of Skiing medical care for the Winter Olympics, becoming China’s first generation of skiing doctors.In March 2019, li yan in chung li stop to ski resort training with the team zhangjiakou division is winter and winter paralympics snow main location of the project, with the ancient poplar from genting 2 venues, including national ski jumping center, national cross-country skiing center, the national center for winter two, genting ski park four competition venues.In the next few snow seasons, the Alpine team and genting team of the “Dream Team of Winter Olympic Skiing medical Security” will come to Chongli to carry out skiing skills, snow rescue, English training and so on.According to the assignment, Li Yan works at genting Ski Park.”It’s painful to start. It takes a lot of energy and energy. It’s easy to get hurt when you’re tired.There are femur neck fractures, collarbones, knee injuries, torn ligaments, and serious injuries that have to leave the team.””Every doctor is making unremitting efforts to compete in the Olympics,” Li told reporters.Although it is not as steep as the yanqing National Alpine Ski Center, Genting Ski Park has six courses including moguls, slalom chase and halfpipe. Each course has different conditions, which means that emergencies and injuries may occur in the course are different.Therefore, on the days when the skiing level is advanced, the coach will give specific guidance according to the different levels of the team members and the needs of the site.With high standards, strict demands and every detail of every movement, Li yan and his teammates hope to seamlessly integrate skiing skills with first-aid skills.”Ski rescue is completely different from hospital treatment, where it is a mature process and the first aid skills have become an instinctive part of the doctor’s body.But on the piste, familiar first aid skills can become difficult. The slopes of the piste are so large that people and equipment can slip down accidentally, let alone save people.”Li yan said.On January 21 this year, Li Yan and 36 members of the Genting team went through the final confirmation selection and officially entered the closed-loop work.They are all doctors from major hospitals in Beijing and Hebei province, specializing in orthopedics, emergency care, anesthesia and oral cavity.At the end of January 2022, Li Yan accompanied the team to survey points in genting Ski Park. In the first few days, they had to prepare first-aid kits and other materials, continue to practice skiing skills, survey the track and get familiar with points, etc.But when the competition came, Li yan and her teammates were shocked. Sometimes the temperature on the snow was as low as minus 30 degrees Celsius, and there were strong winds of seven to eight.”Tired, hungry, extremely cold, that memory really sticks in my mind.”Li yan said.Looking back on the guarantee work of the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, genting ski doctors treated more than 30 injured athletes of different degrees at the venue, and made no mistakes in operation and rescue process.Among them, a seriously injured athlete appeared to lose consciousness and other critical symptoms in the field, the team quickly treated treatment, and was transferred to the hospital by helicopter, the patient recovered well.Jeanne Schutt, vice president of the MEDICAL committee of the International Snow Federation, said after the Winter Olympics that the medical insurance of the moguls at The Genting Ski Park is near the top.”With continuous learning and hard work, our genting team has really delivered a satisfactory answer to everyone.”Li yan said.After the End of the Olympic Games, Li Yan, like many players, has a heart of sadness and loss.”These years have been a valuable experience that I think I will remember for the rest of my life.I would like to share it with my family and colleagues at the hospital. We are really proud that we managed to secure a great event.”He said.Editors: Zhang Yueshan, Zhao Jiantong, Huang Xuguo