People carrying cars, dongfengqiao border checkpoint their move to warm

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On February 4, dongfengqiao border checkpoint duty group civilian auxiliary police at the critical moment to help the masses of vehicles out of trouble.At 18:00 on the same day, the station on duty of a group of civilian auxiliary police in the off-duty came across people trapped vehicles, police on duty immediately organized everyone to get off to rescue, and quickly put reflective cones and other warning signs at the scene of the accident, to avoid the occurrence of a second accident.After analyzing and studying the trapped situation of the vehicles, the auxiliary police of the station formed a tacit understanding, some dig the soil under the wheels with their hands, some look for stones to put under the tires to provide force points for the vehicles, and some control the vehicles in the driving position.After 20 minutes of effort, finally help the vehicle into the right track.The driver was deeply moved to express his gratitude to the station auxiliary police for their timely assistance.”Now think of my back is still sweating, thank you for your help, otherwise I really don’t know what to do, is really a crisis to see the truth, you are the people’s good police.”Zhang, the trapped driver, said.As the saying goes, “people of one mind can cut through gold”, “everyone firewood high flame”!Here, the dongfengqiao border checkpoint police to remind the masses of the driving vehicle travel, safety first, when going out, must do a good job of vehicle safety inspection in advance, there is or encounter danger please call the rescue telephone alarm for help.