Community cadres fight hard and do not “disarm”

2022-04-29 0 By

White protective suits are their armor, medical isolation masks are their four hats, registration forms, thermometers and loudspeakers are their weapons, residents are their families to protect, and the epidemic is their enemy…They are community workers who fight to destroy the enemy and protect their homeland.At present, the staff of 37 communities in 4 streets of the city have all been engaged in the front line of epidemic prevention and control.In Tiexi Community, Taiji street, staff use online and offline dual channels to inform residents to take nucleic acid on time.Online, they informed community residents through the wechat group to come downstairs and take nucleic acid samples according to the building number.Offline, they held a loudspeaker next to the building notice, to ensure that not a household, not a person.In Yuejiagou community, Guanshan sub-district, community staff kept the order of nucleic acid sampling site and assisted medical staff to carry out their work while registering inbound and outbound personnel.Some community cadres have tired faces and walk unsteadily, but no one has withdrawn from the front line.Nanshan street has a large number of residents, and the street cadres, community cadres and volunteers have closely cooperated with each community to carry out the second round of nucleic acid testing in an orderly manner.”After the outbreak, my wife’s work unit was closed and I couldn’t go home,” a community cadre told reporters in beimei community, chengguan Subdistrict.I sent my children to my parents’ home and carried out epidemic prevention and control work in the community myself. I have hardly slept a wink for two days.”Another community official’s hair was unkempt, showing that it had not been washed for days.She said, I am so busy that I don t feel hungry anymore.The situation is stable and that is the most important thing.”(Reporter Han Guiqi)