Why can’t a woman marry a poor man?The poorer the less grateful, the more deceptive, the more impatient

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There is a female boss in our Chen Changwen boss community. When she got married, in order to save money, she did not take wedding photos or have a house. She lived in a house that the beautiful boss bought with full money before marriage.The beautiful young woman thought it was ok for a man to have no money, he could earn it later.However, unexpectedly, she quarreled a lot after marriage, became extremely disappointed, divorced, and then gave the house to this man and had a child by herself.What I’m trying to say is this: you’re really stupid. You’re losing your house to a man, marrying a man who doesn’t even own a house.I tell you, the poorer the man, the lower the probability of quality, the less ability, the more cheating, the poorer the man, the more irritable, smart and dead face, because there is no inner, afraid of ridicule, you can not communicate with them, say more than two words, they will be in a bad mood, began to call people name.Don’t listen to diaosi man’s language, don’t believe in silk man’s love.Of course, I’m not attacking all poor men.Then, what kind of poor man can be married?Remember, everything in society is a transaction.Poor men can trade like men.First, I am poor, but I have a sense of transaction thinking, and I know that I want to improve my value. If I am poor, the other party is still willing to stay with me. I must study hard.Three, poor, but know love dearly, know love his wife, to cherish;Four, poor, but know hard work, later must let each other live a good life, change the fate, do not let her regret, had chosen me.But most poor men are not like that.Poor, also lazy love poor, but also like to blame others;Poor and mean.Meet such, turn around and walk, girl, how can you compensate for the house to the man?Now you’re divorced, and you’re giving your house to a guy. That’s nice of you.Why do men want houses and not children?Who the hell are you married to?I hope, then, that this will warn you not to go into the next pit.Life is a series of transactions, to remember this word, do not talk about marriage with people who are poorer than their own economic ability, even quarrel, reason, polite are not necessary.The only function that you associate with him is to waste your precious life, to consume your precious life, that is, your precious time, wealth and energy. You will be dragged into disaster and hell by these people.If you are young, beautiful, is 6 points female above, or maintain the young and beautiful woman, determined to find the ability, can afford you, can do the housewife.In addition to Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, it is not too easy to buy a house.You can buy a house easily.From today on, pay attention to me, learn “love treasure book” love trading thinking.Don’t be in a relationship for too long.In an instant, in half a year at the most, find someone who can marry, give birth to a baby, get married.Be sure to recognize your chips from a trading point of view, estimate your score value, and then swap to the corresponding man.Don’t sell yourself too low and don’t overestimate yourself.Love is a reciprocal transaction system, do not use emotion to look at the relationship between men and women, use transactional thinking.With emotional thinking mode, it is generally the good side that suffers.