Wangjiang police station to attack money “small case” to catch a theft madman even break 6 cases

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Recently, wangjiang wanzhou district public security bureau police station to adhere to the “based on people as the center” of the investigation, based on its main business, crack down on the infringement jurisdiction occurring crimes against property vital interests of the masses, the capture of the criminal suspect a busted 6 cases the livelihood of the people, for the masses to cell phone, cash and other losses totaling more than 5000 yuan, practically improving jurisdiction the sense of security and satisfaction of the masses.Around 9 PM on March 1, Wangjiang police station received a report from a swimming pool in Fossad Square that a mobile phone had been stolen.In the next few hours, and has a number of area businesses reported to the police: Trump Road a glasses shop in a famous mobile phone and 300 yuan of cash stolen, Jingyuan Road 1251 a store 800 yuan of cash stolen, Wanda Plaza three restaurants were stolen 200 yuan of cash and two famous mobile phones.Overnight, the area of many shops stolen, although the value of a single case is not big, but a series of crimes on the area of the people’s property safety caused a major hidden trouble.”Small crimes are closely related to people’s hearts. Solving crimes is related to people’s livelihood. We must ensure the safety of people’s property.Under the leadership of the high attention, the Wangjiang police station quickly mobilized elite police to investigate the case.The police went to the scene of the case and took a large number of video surveillance of the stolen businesses and their surroundings.At the same time, the police also took each place as the center, extensively visited the surrounding businesses and the masses, and actively looked for useful clues.Through more than 10 hours of video tracking, analysis and judgment, as well as the relevant departments of the district bureau of strong assistance, police in the morning of the 3rd succeeded in locking down the suspect Zhu and his accomplice Yi, and found that two people in the crime, immediately fled to Kaizhou district to fence the stolen goods.With further investigation, the police soon mastered the final destination of the two men in Kaizhou.4 early morning, the police rushed to Kaizhou, after nearly 10 hours of squatting, in the afternoon more than 6 o ‘clock in a small area will be arrested suspect Zhu mou, its accomplice is on the run, the public security organs have started online chasing, in this advise easy to surrender as soon as possible, for leniency.After the trial, the suspect Zhu mou to oneself in the evening of March 1 to the early morning of March 2, has been in wanzhou city 6 times the implementation of the criminal facts of theft confessed.The successful detection of this series of theft cases, so that the area of business and residents applauded.”We will, as always, adhere to the working idea of ‘solving small cases and accumulating people’s safety’, and severely crack down on cases of property invasion in the jurisdiction, effectively protect people’s property safety, ensure the stability and control of the jurisdiction, so that everyone’s sense of security and satisfaction constantly improve.”Wangjiang police station a person in charge said.Wanzhou District Public Security Bureau responsible editor: Jin Can