Stoppage time absolutely flat!Danilo is desperate, juve snatched a point, 11 games unbeaten, nine points behind milan

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Juventus travel to Atalanta in serie A on Sunday at 3:45 am BST in the 25th round of serie A.In the first half, Vlahovic’s drive was saved, then he headed wide, de Jonn swiped and kicked, and Muriel wasted an open goal.In the second half, de Jonn’s long-range shot was saved, Morat kicked it wide, dybala kicked it high, Malinowski blasted into the world wave, danilo equalised in stoppage time.In the end, Juventus 1-1 Atalanta.Juventus are unbeaten in 11 league games and nine points behind AC Milan.Early in the game, Juventus threatened as Vlahovic tried a shot from outside the area that went straight to the top left corner of the net, only to be saved by the goalkeeper.It was a tricky shot from an Angle and the goalkeeper made a great save.In the 11th minute, McKechnie broke down on the right and near the baseline, where he sent in a cross that Vlahovic headed wide.Two minutes later dybala cut inside from the penalty area and shot just wide of the left post.The 25th minute, de Rong en inside the penalty area grab point shovel shot, kicked high.Dejong is very depressed, lying on the ground and sighing.In the 27th minute, Atalanta had a free-kick at the top of the area, which Muriel took and flew away, sending the ball straight into the stands.The shot was off the mark.Five minutes later, Atalanta had a great chance.Kupmenas got ahead of the attacking goalkeeper and slipped the ball one step ahead to Muriel, who had a chance to open the net, but his shot went wide and was cleared by the returning fullback De Lecht.It was unbelievable to miss an open chance like that.The 37 th minute, Danilo fly shovel foul, get yellow card.Vlahovic then got a yellow card for complaining to the referee when he went down after colliding with an opponent while trying to get the ball.In the 45th minute, Boga burst into the penalty area with the ball and shot, which was blocked by De Lecht with his face.De Lecht is a little sore.At half time, the score was still 0-0!Second half easy side again.In the 46th minute, De Jonn tried a long shot from the top of the penalty area that flew towards the bottom right corner of the goal. Szczesny was focused and flew to save the ball.Five minutes later, Morata kicked a long shot from outside.Dybala then shot from the front of the penalty area into the far corner, slightly above the goal.Rabiot flanked the middle of the penalty area and shot just wide of the right post.The 66th minute, Boga in the left side of the small Angle passed to the front of the goal, Kupmenas after the point of the flank shovel shot, failed to kick the ball, very pity.Five minutes later, Vlahovic tried a long – range shot from outside the penalty area.In the 75th minute, Atalanta scored!Relying on a set piece opportunity, Malinowski scored a kick world wave.It was a long shot, almost perfect power and Angle!In the 82nd minute, Dybala shot from the outside, the goalkeeper cradled the ball in his arms.In stoppage time, Danilo equalized and saved Juventus.In the end, Juventus 1-1 Atalanta.