“Safe guard” family lights reunion when stick to the post to protect peace

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Lantern Festival guard pingan square show the true colors of the iron army no regrets to pay for peace and peace on the fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival biyang County Public Security Bureau all the people auxiliary police never forget the original aspiration to forge ahead to escort the masses to protect the safety of the family reunion careful deployment to implementBiyang county public security bureau in advance to analyze security, traffic, during the Lantern Festival fireworks ban burning forbidden setting priorities and the existing prominent problems, formulate specific security plans and security measures, and held the Lantern Festival security and fireworks banned banned project deployment advance will, compaction, disciplined, efforts to safeguard security of the county social stability.Strengthen patrols to protect peace Biyang county public security bureau in the county to carry out armed patrol, maximum tuen p street level, especially in crowded places, places of public complex, main street, is easy to both areas of the patrol, improve the jurisdiction street see alarm rate, the charge rate, and a strong shock, closely guard, utmost to crack down on all kinds of illegal crime space,Ensure that in case of emergencies, we can respond quickly and deal with them efficiently, and strengthen social management and control.Make every effort to ease and ensure the smooth flow of police and departments, according to the characteristics of people and vehicles, give prominence to key points, overall consideration, scientific deployment, so as to maximize police efficiency, and effectively strengthen road traffic control during the festival.Focus on ensuring smooth traffic, the police force is mainly placed in the area of the square, parks, scenic spots and other dense traffic and prone to congestion nodes, stratified implementation of police force, strengthen command and dredge, and the implementation of early evening peak prone to congestion traffic intersection, road management measures.In order to strictly implement the Notice of Biyang County People’s Government on the prohibition of setting off fireworks, biyang County Public Security Bureau not only adopted the traditional mode of vehicle patrol and walking patrol on the night of The Lantern Festival, but also adopted innovative measures to use unmanned aerial vehicles for the first time to carry out the prohibition of setting off fireworks patrol.Members of the UAV team give full play to the advantages of uav’s wide coverage and strong mobility to patrol crowded places.Through the patrol, not only reduce the working pressure of the people, auxiliary police, but also provide technical support for the accurate identification of illegal fireworks personnel, played a good warning role.Biyang Public Security fully demonstrates the new responsibilities and new actions of Biyang Public Security to protect people’s happiness and safety with loyalty and perseverance. We will protect your safe road