Wuhu, Anhui province: On New Year’s Eve, the girl was sitting on the roof of the 21st floor

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A girl sits on the roof of a 21-story building with her back to the road and half of her body hanging outside on Chinese New Year’s Eve in Wuhu, Anhui Province, Jan 31, 2022.Critical moment, Wuhu City Yi Jiang branch of public security in the south road police station face to face with its chat for 2 hours, finally moved the girl back to the safety area, successfully saved a young life.At 21 o ‘clock on the same day, zhongshan South Road police station to receive the public alarm, the area of a residential roof someone to commit suicide, police quickly drove 3 minutes to the scene.On the scene, a group of police rushed to the top of the building to prepare for rescue, a group of police will be downstairs onlookers advised away.When police arrived on the roof, they found a young woman with tears on her face sitting outside the roof security fence, and her body was leaning out, in a critical condition.A man behind the fence and the woman was talking, the police came forward to ask that two people are male and female friends, that night, the woman was hard ready to commit suicide.In order to ease the woman’s mood, the police first seriously criticized her boyfriend, let the woman release the grievance in the heart through words, stabilize its mood.While criticizing the boy, he turned to persuade the woman: “Today is New Year’s Eve, parents and relatives are waiting for you, do not take this emotional things too hard…””I know it’s hard for you right now. The police criticized him so badly. Your boyfriend will learn a lesson from this, too!””A person’s life which can not encounter setbacks, encountered difficulties can be solved in other ways!””Emotional setbacks aren’t worth it!””Come, listen, it’s dangerous for you to sit by, you’re so young with your whole life ahead of you!”‘Take my advice and give him a chance to change!All right?”After more than 2 hours of persuasion, the woman’s feelings were finally touched, the body also began to tilt toward the building.However, due to the cold weather and high tension in mind, she was thin and weak, and her body was already stiff and unable to stand up.The police quickly said “sit inside, do not stand up!”The woman followed the police’s guidance and began to move to safety.The firemen jumped over the fence, grabbed the woman tightly and put her back inside the security fence.So far, a human tragedy on New Year’s Eve, was successfully resolved by the police.In order to prevent the woman’s emotional rebound, the police will be sent to the home, continue to do the woman’s ideological work.Until midnight the next day, the police to the woman’s boyfriend and himself after exhorting, relieved to leave.This heartwarming story was published online by Central Political and Legal Commission Chairman An Jian and Anhui Public Security Bureau, and was reprinted by many media and won many praises.There are netizens in changan jianxia message: this year, will not “talk” are embarrassed to “police”, for “words (change) chat” 2 hours of police praise!Have netizen message: police rescue emergency, salute to you, you worked hard the people’s good police!