Why does the college entrance examination only allow “2B pencil” to smear card?See the computer after reading the paper suddenly, don’t choose wrong

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Every student takes many exams from childhood to college, and there is one rule that is “confusing” to many students. That is why it is necessary to use a 2B pencil to draw crayons.Teachers’ answers to these questions are also very simple, because they are required by the college entrance examination.Some students will be required by the teacher to prepare 2B pencil cards before the exam.But some students went out of their way to take a different size of pencil.As far as the students were concerned, all sizes of pencils were the same, and no teacher could tell which type of pencil was used to write the “card areas”.When the scores were given, the students who did not use 2B pencils found that they had no scores on the multiple-choice questions. What happened?Why does the college entrance examination only allow “2B pencil” to smear card?Teachers have been emphasizing that students should prepare 2B pencils for scribing, not because they are inflexible. Teachers may not be able to tell the difference between 2B pencils and other ordinary pencils. However, large exams like the college entrance examination are not marked directly, but marked by computers.The card area of the multiple choice part is also scanned by machines and then transferred to the computer, and these scanning machines only recognize the “2B pencil”, for other types of pencil card can not be completely recognized.That’s because the scantron machines currently in use in schools are “optical mark readers,” which rely on the reflection of a sheet of paper to scan.2B Pencil is good at high school entrance exams because the words written with it can be reflected by the machine, which can recognize and scan the computer.Some students said they had used other types of pencils and had been recognized by the computer. What happened?That’s because these pencils aren’t 2B pencils, but they’re also capable of writing in darker ink and might be recognized by the machine.However, these pencils have a fatal weakness, that is, the lead is too soft, ink is easy to be blurred, if in the process of the test card, candidates carelessly rub, it is easy to cause mottling.In this case, the machine could not recognize which parts the student had painted and which parts were painted by mistake, and the student could not get a score.The teacher reminds everyone: do not have fluke psychology, in the exam, must use 2B pencil to paint card.Mark teacher: in the college entrance examination, these “answer standard” also want to abide by a lot of classmates and parents, may be more concerned about the method of solving the problem, but everyone does not know, answer standard in the college entrance examination is also very important, if violated answer standard, examinee even if answer right also cannot score.Answer should pay attention to the “answer range” : computer scanning, will only be the answer range of this question into the computer, and each question of the marking group, and marking the teacher are not the same.If the student answered a regulation range, the teacher is no way to know the answer behind, nature can only deduct points processing.Students must pay attention to the boundaries of each question when answering the questions.In a big exam like the college entrance examination, students should think well before writing. They should not treat the answer sheet as papyrus and have no place to write the correct answer in the end.When answering questions, pay attention to the “water-based pen” model: In addition to the fixed size requirements of the pencil, the students’ water-based pen is also required.The official requirement is that all candidates must use a 0.5mm black marker pen, which can be more clearly identified by the computer when scanned.When buying water-based pens, students must choose the correct type of pen, and do not deduct marks because of pen problems.Answer should pay attention to “clear handwriting” : students’ handwriting is also very important, the test requirements also write: candidates writing clear neat.Students in the answer, must pay attention to their handwriting, do not ask how beautiful handwriting is written, but a neat and clear.This is because when the test paper is scanned by the computer, it will be more or less distorted. If the student’s handwriting is messy, it will be even messier on the computer.The examination papers of the college entrance examination teacher, there is no time to help students check, if you can not see clearly can only be deducted points according to the wrong answer.The college entrance examination is a very serious thing, students should comply with the rules of the test according to the requirements of the teacher, in the test before the test ready for the test supplies, such as ID card, admission ticket, as well as black marker pen, 2B pencil, eraser and other necessary stationery.On the day of the test, you should enter the room at the specified time, strictly follow the examination discipline, and take the seat according to the admission ticket.After getting the test paper and answer sheet, we should check whether it is correct first, check whether there are any mistakes in the test paper, and report to the teacher in time if we find any abnormalities.In addition, the examinee must not answer at will before the invigilator gives instructions, otherwise it will also be regarded as “cheating”.The college entrance examination is related to the future prospects of each student, students must improve the degree of attention, do not take their own future joke.Today’s topic: Let’s talk about why you must use 2B pencils in the college entrance examination.