“Welcome the New Year to send warmth” welcome the New Year condolence activity into dongcheng Town to send warmth to the veteran party members and cadres in difficulty

2022-04-27 0 By

Danzhou news media center Recently, danzhou joint chamber of commerce in haikou city during the warm association into the east into town villages, carried out in order to “Spring Festival, send warm, feeling DangEn” as the theme of sympathy.In maige village Committee of Dongcheng Town, the condolence group had a heart-to-heart conversation with 99-year-old Fu Meiliu, a party member, asking her about her living conditions and sending her supplies such as oil and rice.”We were visiting the town of east into more than ten difficult family a whole, the basic condition of the details about their life difficult, and to express our sincere greeting and New Year’s blessing, thank them in to take when a young, dedicated, contributing to the happy life of today the power of the youth, to bring difficult a whole new sympathy supplies at the same time,I hope to help them ease their difficulties in life.”Haikou Danzhou Chamber of Commerce Party secretary Zhong Huaihui said.According to the introduction, the condolence activities not only understand the difficult life of the old party members, cadres ideological dynamics and demands, and targeted to help them solve the actual difficulties, to achieve “condolence one, warm a family, drive a” good effect.(Danzhou Media reporter Ding Ziqin editor Wang Jing)