Too dirty!Don’t use a mouthwash cup when brushing your teeth

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Reporter Chen Qixiu/comprehensive report actress Chen Yihan and director Xu Fuxiang married for nearly 4 years, first gave birth to a son “xiao Chu”, in 2021 to welcome two treasure daughter “file ice”, put together a “good” word.”Is there anyone who doesn’t like mouthwash cups like me?”Quickly attracted many netizens to respond.Chen yihan welcomed the birth of two babies last year, busy with child life.Chen Yihan admitted that she doesn’t like to use gargle cups, “because the bottom of cups is easy to mold and dirty”. Recalling the American TV series Maid’s Life, the heroine directly bent her head and gargled with water.”When I saw that, I decided I was going to do that for the rest of my life, and for two months, MY face and hair were wet when I brushed my teeth. Good morning.”Chen Yihan shared her habit of not gargling cups early in the morning.Chen doesn’t gargle the cup, saying, “It feels like the bottom of the cup is easily moldy and dirty.”(figure/turn taken from facebook/Chen meaning) of the early post Chen meaning a proverb in the mouth water gargle, fishing out the early liren the same “I pick up my water to rinse your mouth with the mouth”, at the same time there are also many net friend message “never brush your teeth with a hand, a hand connect water”, “I use hand”, “and whatever photo album first, why not just use hand holding water is good”, “left hand holds water,Brush with right hand “.But one user wrote: ‘I’ve always had to use mouthwash cups, otherwise I wouldn’t know how to rinse when I brush my teeth.’Netizens to remind mouth to tap water to pay more attention to the pipe scale, “Taiwan building pipes even plastic tubes may also be hidden scale, not a cleaner, with boiled water gargle is indeed have heard, but actually often wash gargle often or change, also can be clean”, but some disturbing is that tap water is not in the same way “, “a gargle habits, strong response.Chen yihan gargled with water in her mouth and caught Li Liren. “I gargled with water in my mouth.”Users warn that water connected directly to the tap is not necessarily clean.Photo/Photo taken on Facebook/Chen Yihan