The annual Japanese temple slogan awards are also full of wisdom this year

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After the start of spring, everything is a new beginning.Here are some warm and wise words from an annual bulletin board at the entrance to a Japanese temple.A few words, but to the heart.Japan’s “Temple Slogan Awards”, each year will select the most exciting content.Here are some of the best temple slogans of 2021, as well as a review of previous classics.Words of wisdom are worth reading several times.I hope you like it.· Stay away from the soil that won’t make you bloom.Do not take off your mask to say unnecessary words, and do not use sterilized hands to do unnecessary things.No matter how hard you polish it, it doesn’t shine, but at least it builds up arm strength.There is no waiting in line to make an appointment for happiness.– Yongming Temple, Kitakyushu city, Fukuoka City literally translates as: “No reservation, no worry.”It may seem confusing at first glance, but it’s easy to understand in real life: There are a lot of people who can’t make appointments to get vaccinated against COVID-19.But don’t worry if you need Buddha to save you, because Buddha will help you without making an appointment.Always calculating gains and losses is too tired, occasionally lose what harm.From a world of mutual hatred to a world of mutual love eizhenji (Shinto Takata School · Futomi-ku, Kyundufu province) 7 Don’t measure by your own standards but by your own standards.One of the things you’ve lost because of the Internet and less real communication is being called a name.In Buddhism, we bring gentleness by calling Amida Buddha’s name, and in our actual life, “calling people by their names,” I think this is gentleness that anyone can do.What is scarier than the Novel Coronavirus is people.The Second Earth is not inherited from our ancestors, but borrowed from future children.We are the most ordinary of mortals.If four men attack me, there is no need to double my reward.- Tsukiji Honwish Temple, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Five you are you, I am I but we can go together – – Chaokyoji Temple, Hiroshima Prefecture, Hiroshima City, Six indoor and heart, should be well ventilated.– Ryuyuan Temple, Fuzomi District, Kyodo City · Japanese Temple texts in previous years · The following are wisdom texts of Japanese temples in previous years, mainly from Chaokyoji temple.Is it true that you are worshiping Buddha instead of selfish desires?The root cause of misery in life is that you don’t like yourself and you don’t forgive yourself.Three is not this world unforgivable hateful people too much but forget those bad things only you one person four alive, is already earned.Five The life without failure is failure.It is because you are lost that you know the way.In the seven-jump, don’t just focus on how high you can jump, but pay attention to how stable you can stand when you land.Chapter VIII There is no need for self-reproach; when it is necessary, someone will come and censure it.We often play the role of judge and judge others guilty and ourselves innocent.Don’t sigh already not line, just not yet.Because of the heat so is summer, also because of the blood is life.Chapter XII Self-dislike and self-unforgiveness is the root of all suffering.Desire and snow, the more we accumulate, the less we will go.14. It takes one month to reply to paper letters, one week to reply to E-mail, and one hour to reply to LINE?What a busy life without waiting 15 Different is not the same as Wrong 16 There is much more good luck that can’t be seen than bad luck that can be seen.There is no flower, it is a flower from the beginning.Chapter XVIII Death, ah, is not something that is to come.It’s something that could come at any time.When nineteen people die, they leave behind not what they received, but what they gave to others.20 let flowers xie is wind and rain, let flowers are also wind and rain, but without wind and rain flowers will not open and will not fall.21 A Rainy Day Has its Own Way twenty-two When it comes to mystic journeys, it must be life.~END~