Jiannan emperor ending

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Jiannan emperor ending: the emperor in the end not only did not achieve the goal, but also was overthrown by Li Qian stupid rule.After the emperor Zhao Yi succeeded in taking power, he was no longer cowardly, but had a rebellious mentality of “killing anyone who provokes me”.As the emperor, it is a foolish behavior to accept the war. The damage and loss brought by the war are far greater than the loss of the war of words.In the end, Zhao Yi did not become a wise king and lost his country.Zhou Zhaoyuan plays zhao Yi in this role, he is selfish, dark, scheming.Zhao yi was neither brave nor resourceful. He was confused and stupid.He used to love Jiang Baoning, because the lack of maternal love since childhood, Zhao Yi in his bones he lacked confidence and did not have a sense of security.He finally gave up his pursuit of Kang For status.Zhao Yi is a true villain and later becomes Li Qian’s rival, trying to frame princess Jiannan.His marriage to Han Tongxin is based on profit maximization, not love.They seem to use each other, and the end is sad.On the contrary with Zhao Yi is the male main li Qian, he was originally a humble background guards, kind-hearted, brave, introverted.Accidentally met princess Kanan, never forget from now on.Jia Nan Zhuan is a period drama starring Ju Jingyi, Zeng Shunxi and Wang Zhuocheng.The play mainly tells the story of jiannan monarch and bodyguard Li Qian across the identity differences in love, to protect the inspirational story of the country.