Every word warms the heart!A thank-you note from the containment area

2022-04-27 0 By

Seal control does not seal the heart, isolation does not separate love.March 25 at 10 o ‘clock in the morning, in the yutian village block 17 control group, a thank you letter such as spring Yurun into the yutian community staff Wang Yan heart.In the letter, Deng told the story and thanked the community for her parents, who are in their 80s.In her opinion, “In this sudden outbreak, the community management has both strength and warmth in the face of many frail and elderly people in old communities” and “thanks for having you on the road to the epidemic”.It all began on the morning of March 24.Ms. Deng’s parents live in Building 17 of Yutian Village, which is just a sealed control area. Because of the sealed control management, the two old people can only contact Ms. Deng by phone.On March 24, Deng’s father fell at home. Deng’s frail mother was unable to help him up because he was tall and strong.And in the process of helping, the father will pull down the mother.Because it is closed control area, only in the specified time to test the nucleic acid of the person to the door, so helpless in Ms. Deng’s parents can only call the community for help.Wang Yan is the pillar of the 17 building, received two old people call her the first time to yutian community and Yushan street report.”I am familiar with the situation of the two old people, the don usually legs inconvenient, then the situation is also more critical, so we immediately report up, by the medical team of Rain mountain street sent specialized to do nucleic acid testing for 17 building doctors to visit the situation.”Wang Yan introduced that at that time, two medical specialists came to the door to help Deng’s father up, and for him to do the relevant examination, fortunately, no serious problem.Wait until this news, The stone in Deng’s heart finally put down.”I used to visit my parents once a day or two, and I was going to visit them the day of the lockdown when my mother called out of the blue and told me their building had been sealed and I had to stop coming.”Ms. Deng recalled that at first, the two elderly people were very uneasy, “not sure” about the next controlled life.”What my mother said at that time was’ do whatever you want ‘, and I kept urging her to believe in the government and the community. Later, when I talked with them on the phone, I could clearly feel the change in their mentality. What my parents and I said was to thank the country and the community and be proud of being Chinese.”Just as Ms. Deng said in her thank-you letter, the meticulous and patient love of yutian community staff made these people in the containment area see the happiness and warmth of their neighbors — your braised chicken, our crystal shrimp, his steamed fish…A beautiful picture of human fireworks, soothing every seal control area of the people’s heart.”As a neighbor said, ‘Today’s happiness comes from barbecued meat,'” Deng said. “There is sweetness, satisfaction and happiness here. Life is simple and warm.After waiting for the release, be sure to go to the community and say thank you in person!”Source: Ma on Shan Daily