Current politics micro record! Old friends meet again!A touching moment of diplomacy between the Chinese and Russian presidents

2022-04-27 0 By

On February 4, 2022 Spring President xi jinping held talks with Russian President vladimir putin in Beijing this is reunited after more than two years old this is the disease resistance of reunited jinping has 38 times since becoming President met with President putin on high-speed cruise ships view game together Look at the panda birthday swap medal The military parade togetherBecome each other’s alumni COVID – 19 heads of state between China and Russia since the outbreak of “cloud meeting”, “wave” from a distance joint lead china-russia relations continue to develop high levels of “good friends, old friends, real friends” to heart intersection Into its old diplomatic lead the two countries together under the head mountain has always been a mainstay of world peace and stability supervision 丨 ShenYong reporter 丨 wang Peng Hanming cherlyPhotography by Zhao Hua; recording by Zhang Xiaopeng, Ma Chao, Yang Bo, Fan Xueyu; recording by Cheng Aihua; overall planning by Ma Yayang, Chen Yang, Zhang Chunmeng Ning