A shares: The Spring Festival closed the second day, the news summary!

2022-04-27 0 By

1, liquor sales this year is very dull peak season do not forget, the section after the price selling pressure is very big.Many wine enterprises before the festival price “irrational”, after the festival does not fall is a good thing.Liquor plate is more and more dangerous feeling, a lot of wine is not consumed away, but given financial attributes to be collected.It is understood that in order to reduce losses, many farmers have eliminated pigs and reduced production capacity.Pig-raising listed companies are beginning to forecast performance, serious losses.Adjust again after the festival, pork unit can also start to track.The news on the second day of the festival is very calm. Today is Sunday, the second day of the holiday for investors.The news is not very bad, the economic data is not very good, as expected.The January of pit retail investors has become a thing of the past, I will try to do a good summary of the daily news during the market break, iron fans spare time to read, investment in the stock market, maintain a good attitude is very important.