Wang sicong was seen eating ramen noodles, wearing a white sweater and blue hat, accompanied by female students

2022-04-26 0 By

A netizen recently met Wang Sicong in Tokyo, Japan.Wang Sicong, wearing a white sweater and a blue cap, looked down at his phone.And next to him, is a beautiful girl, a head of flowing long hair, give a person a kind of very pure feeling.Some people speculate whether it is Shen Jie on the Internet, some people say it is not, they have seen Shen Jie, said That Shen Jie looks very young, unlike the appearance in the photo.According to the source, they ran into each other at a ramen shop in Tokyo, Japan, where Wang sicong was also present.The netizen said that Wang Sicong appeared in the afternoon of 26th, which shows that Wang Sicong is currently on vacation in Japan.Of course, this is not the first time Wang has encountered such a situation.And every time a netizen meets Wang Sicong, he is surrounded by different girls.However, one thing is for sure, his female partners have one thing in common: they are all beautiful women, and most of them are Internet celebrities or celebrities.Before that, some netizens posted photos of Wang sicong’s birthday, congratulating not only his friends, but also many beautiful girls.As you can see from the photos, every time he took a photo with a different girl, but they were all beautiful and Wang sicong was very happy.At this point, many people envy Wang Sicong for having a good father who can provide him with food and clothing and travel around.Of course, Wang sicong is not all beer and skittish. he has his own job.However, there are few pictures of his career, with most of them showing him eating and drinking out.In the past two years, Wang sicong has kept a low profile. He usually quarrels with netizens or expresses his opinions on hot issues, but he rarely updates his micro blog recently.