Lai Chunlin, chairman of shengtian Network, once graduated from a private school and became the richest woman in Hubei but pledged shares

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Operator Caijing intern Miao Zixuan/Wenshengtian network released the announcement that Lai Chunlin will be part of the shares for the pledge and release of the pledge procedures.The relevant news caused everyone to lai Chunlin’s interest, the operator financial and economic attempt to reveal.Born in 1977, Lai Chunlin, 45, is from Hubei Province.According to Shengtian’s China prospectus, Lai chunlin graduated from Huazhong Women’s University, which should not belong to the higher education school series.It is run by the local people grooms school, stop recruit students around 2003.After graduation, Lai went to work for a computer rental company in Wuhan.Within two months of working, he had already demonstrated his ability to sell.Later, she was appointed by the company to develop the market in Zhengzhou.As sales took off, Lai decided to quit the job and return to his hometown in Wuhan.In 1998, Lai chunlin embarked on the road of entrepreneurship.With the introduction of the Internet into the Chinese market, computers are also becoming popular. With her previous work experience in a computer company, she found great business opportunities in the Internet and computer-related market.Computer rental, software agent, computer assembly and other jobs, she has tried.As it is still not up to the level of every family has a computer, so the emergence of a large number of “Internet cafes”.Network maintenance has become an essential part, Lai Chunlin found that network maintenance software can become a business opportunity, so in 2000, Lai Chunlin entered the network maintenance software field, independent research and development of a new generation of network maintenance software “easy to swim Internet cafe management software”.Lai chunlin reappeared in the public eye in 2006.This year, Lai Chunlin founded Wuhan Shengtian Information Technology Co., LTD., and launched easy to swim Internet cafe management platform, for the Internet service industry technical standards have a new standard.In 2009, sheng Tian information renamed sheng Tian network, the name change is also more clear sheng Tian enterprise positioning and the next development direction.Since 2013, Shengtian Network vigorously expand the market, constantly expand the content of products and services, has launched a variety of new business models such as advertising, games, to promote the transformation and upgrading of the company.In just two or three years, online advertising has surpassed software as the biggest business.In 2015, under the leadership of Lai Chunlin, Shengtian Network was successfully listed in shenzhen Stock Exchange, becoming the first Internet stock in Hubei Province.One year after the listing, Shengtian network’s stock price rose by the daily limit for 13 consecutive times, and the company’s market value exceeded 10 billion yuan. At the same time, Lai Chunlin’s wealth also exceeded 5 billion yuan, making her the richest woman in Hubei province and a popular figure in the industry.But good times do not last long, through the financial data, sheng Tian network from 2017 to 2019 net profit of 85.89 million, 54.33 million, 52.59 million, down 65.19%, 37.78%, 1.59% respectively.Net profits did not rise until 2020.According to the performance forecast released by Shengtian Network on January 27, 2022, it is expected that the annual net profit of 2021 belongs to 125 million yuan to 155 million yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 106.71% to 156.32%.According to the announcement, Lai’s annual salary will be 497,400 yuan in 2020.It is worth noting that, not long ago, sheng tian network released the announcement that Lai Chunlin lifted the pledge 14.74 million shares, pledged 9.53 million shares, as of the announcement disclosure date, Lai Chunlin is in the pledge state of the shares accumulated for 23.23 million shares.