200 million yuan!Yu Hang boosts “Cultural Prosperity”

2022-04-26 0 By

On March 25, Yuhang District of Hangzhou released a district-level literary and art development fund of 200 million yuan, which will give up to 10 million yuan of support funds to key cultural projects in the district in accordance with the guidance in the form of creation support, opening the list, supporting three forms.On February 18 this year, Yuhang district issued 68 new industrial policies, including 8 new policies to promote the high-quality development of cultural industry.As for the regions with advanced cultural industry policies in China, the new Policy has increased support for the cultural industry and has a more comprehensive range of support.It is reported that the New Deal not only clearly set up 200 million yuan Yuhang Literature and art development fund, but also proposed for the first time to support film and television project approval, filming, post production and other links, accurate service film and television industry chain.In addition, the New Deal also strengthened support for new media platform screening, animation and game production, cultural products to go abroad, the construction of cultural innovation parks, cultural enterprise creation, etc.According to the introduction, this round of project application from now until April 15, 2022, enterprises and individuals who meet the relevant application conditions can declare to the Publicity Department of Yuhang District Committee.In recent years, Yuhang District has made every effort to promote the construction of strong cultural area, implemented the digital strategy of cultural industry, innovated investment and wisdom introduction, strengthened the policy support of cultural industry, and promoted the high-quality development of cultural industry by taking industrial platform as the carrier.In 2021, the added value of yuhang’s cultural industry is 133.51 billion yuan, and there are 117 cultural enterprises on the regulation. The revenue of the regulation cultural enterprises accounts for 58.4% of the regulation cultural enterprises in Hangzhou.Next, Yuhang District will continue to improve the cultural industry cluster with yuhang’s recognition and influence by the new policy of cultural and creative industry and the fund for the development of literature and art, and create a “window” project for Yuhang to show the bright spots of digital cultural industry.