Three times to scupper Inter’s Champions League dreams the best 15 minutes of the season were ruined by two legends

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At home, Inter lost 2-0 to Liverpool.With many players giving their best, Inter did not lose the game, but lost the score completely, and this season’s Champions League campaign is likely to end.Where did Inter lose?Italian television talking about “inter milan in the champions league this season best 15 minutes”, pointed out that the second half began after 60 minutes during this time, is the inter milan in the champions league this season so far, even inter milan in the champions league over the years played the best 15 minutes – but the question now is, inter this strength can only for a short time, as long as a strong period cannot score in a row,That’s a lost cause.Inter fine-tuned their formation at the break to take advantage of their first-half passivity and start to create some chances.In the process, the role of some strong points played incisively and vividly.Like Skrinyal.Like Perisic.Under their guidance, bidal, Dumfries and other parts of the game that people feared before the game also performed beyond expectations.Inter continued to break into the penalty area, creating opportunities, the entire meacha stadium seething, Klopp is also increasingly anxious on the sidelines.Given the quality and class of the opposition, it was 15 minutes of one of the few Champions League performances that Inter have seen for a long time.However, with inter’s current strength, this period of strength is doomed to be short-lived, failing to seize the opportunity will be a tragedy.It’s the same with Real Madrid, it’s the same with Derby, it’s the same with this game.Inter’s collapse began with two legendary players.One is Zheko.For the first 60 minutes, Dzeko was able to run, carry, comb and finish on the run.After 60 minutes, the Zeko ran out of fuel and began a series of changes.The first step, barely can run, but running has been unable to adjust the body to complete the movement.Step two, I can’t run anymore.Reflected in the field, inter more crazy running, Dzeko walking kick, the picture hot eyes.The statistics show that dzeko’s touch rate has dropped dramatically.The third step, the movement is completely out of shape, even if the simple handling of the ball also repeatedly mistakes, the attitude and role of the game are criticized.For example, when Inter conceded the first goal, dzeko was actually the player closest to the drop point when Liverpool’s set-piece came out, but he stood still while Bastoni, who was further away from the drop point, ran for the top…The image in the 70th minute was iconic: inzaghi changed his attack, Sanchez came on as a substitute, but it was Lautaro who came on.Lautaro left the pitch in a dejected mood and inzaghi’s encouragement was ignored.It has happened countless times this season.It is clear that Dzeko ran out of fuel, the effect is greatly reduced, lautaro and physical fight, but always replaced in advance, there is emotion is human nature.Hopefully, this will serve as a reminder for inzaghi to abandon his dependence on dzeko – or, rather, fantasy.The other is Handanovich.Liverpool’s 2 shots on target all scored, although not all blame the goalkeeper, but this kind of weak enemy strong game, weak team goalkeeper unable to save the danger, upset is undoubtedly too difficult.There is a saying in football that “a goalkeeper saves a goal, like a striker scores a goal”, so the inter captain has had a “goal shortage” problem in many strong talks this season.When handa missed the first ball, he realized the danger and attempted a reverse bounce, showing once again that his body was more than a step older than his own.The second lost the ball, although the goalkeeper’s vision was blocked, but the subconscious stretch leg movement failed to make, can also be used to describe “senile”.The average age of inter’s players is 29.93, three years older than Liverpool’s 26.97. Handa is 37 and a half and Dzeko, who will soon turn 36, are significantly older than inter.The fact that they are still playing for the serie A champions at this age is legendary, but this season’s big scenes have proved that they are not the team’s weak points, but rather a temporary and potentially dangerous weakness.Competitive sport, metabolism is the iron law, inter will have to face sooner or later.There was a lot of criticism of inzaghi on western social networking sites after the match.Some of the criticisms are justified, such as the lack of an alternative to Dzeko.But some of the criticism is not justified, such as that he failed to make the substitution klopp.To do some simple arithmetic: the transfer market values of Liverpool’s five substitutes, dias (40m), Firmino (38m), Naby Keita (30m) and Henderson + Milner (20m), are 128 million euros.Inter’s five substitute players, Sanchez 3.5 million, Galliardini 12 million, di Marco 16 million, Ranocchia 1 million, Damian 7 million, a total price of 39 million euros, this more than three times the difference proves that the two sides of the squad thickness and bench reserves are not at the same level, can not be compared.Liverpool’s substitutes are not just for numbers, they are bought for real money (naby Keita, for example, was $60m), while Inter’s substitutes are either on loan, free of a visa or bought many years ago, so the difference is not surprising.Inter’s goal this season is to protect the lower limit, the upper limit.In the process of hitting the ceiling, the team exposed a lot of problems.Lack of top strikers, lack of qualified rotation, lack of speed, lack of explosive points…And so on can be attributed to a point: need to spend money, but the team did not have the money.The team’s financial difficulties are unlikely to improve in the short term.So there is no need to be too sentimental about inter – they do not have the hard power to compete with Europe’s top chaebol.Instead of complaining that the miracle has not happened, it is rational and pragmatic to focus on playing well in the league and cup competitions, surviving the severe winter of the epidemic, maintaining the lifeline and waiting for a turnaround.