The most pristine thousand-year-old village in China, each with its own roof, looks like a paradise

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Welcome to my little world of travel, all over the mountains and rivers, all over the sea of yellow sand, just to share the beauty of this world with you. If you also like to travel, then follow my footsteps and set out with the camera!Perhaps everyone hopes to find a pristine place, so you can let yourself feel the slow pace of life, can also see more local conditions and customs, in particular, in the territory of China, there are many ancient villages, also waiting for tourists to visit and tour, so visitors is to understand the ancient village of one thousand.Although our country has many ancient villages, the first recommendation is the city of the ancient village, here is located in luxi, yunnan chengzihe village one of the most magical place, here is also belong to the roof of courtyard, almost every family has a roof, every one have a yard, under one roof, is in a courtyard, as long as you can into the one of, to get into the whole village,Here there are more than thousands of earth palm houses, can be said to be end to end, so that such buildings are very strange, there will be no protection, it can be said that there is the most simple life, as if it is a paradise.Seen the village of yunnan, sichuan Tibetan village of Dan, is also belongs to the most beautiful town, there is a white wall, with black roof, the whole buildings are scattered in the mountains, all around the mountains, in the green mountains, display a red, very bright eye, so to speak, is also very chic, and the whole village is strewn at random have send,Built on a series of mountains, and there are a variety of intensive farmland, like walking into an idyllic painting.Not only that, there are some charming valleys here, especially Tibetan dwellings, not only that, tourists can see some unique style of stone watchtowers here, all located in the Danba area, many tourists come here, while appreciating the ancient village, but also can find the magic and beauty of Danba.Nu river mist village, is to belong to an ancient village in yunnan province, came here, in the morning, you can see in the cabin of the field, there will be smoke curling out, to the entire village with all natural filter, the village looks very harmonious, but there will be a pastoral scenery here, let people also linger, arguably the canyon’s low-key,Along with the freedom of the Nu River, this ancient village was bred.In our country, there are many ancient villages are waiting for visitors to find, say these ancient villages still can bring people some plain, pastoral scenes with real life, especially for some people used to the fast-paced life, but also can feel good here, thoroughly relax their body and mind, really to know about the slow pace of life is about.Would you like a place like this?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section.If you like traveling, be sure to follow me!To travel, follow me not lost!I am your good friend on the road!